[Music] Thank you What's up everyone today we're going to Be talking about the five types of Members that you will find in a Motorcycle club at least this has been In my experience over 30 years these are The categories that somebody always Falls into now you got a lot of cool Guys out there you got a lot of idiots Out there you got a lot of almighties Out there so we're gonna put it in Context for you for all the people that Haven't been around this scene so the First one I'm gonna tell you about here Is the best of the best it's one of them Type that you just want to sit down Got up and listen to these are the guys That lived it done it probably bang more Women than you could imagine And that is the Gray beard The Gray Bears of the scenes are just Astronomically cool To sit with they got nothing to prove Like I said been there done that Basically and they really don't care What you think Now the best A best kind of Gray beard Is from the Vietnam generation Those are the ones that have the no care Attitude and they'll tell you straight Up too that's one thing that they're Good at they'll tell you straight up

And if they're wrong they'll tell you They're wrong Which most of the time they ain't Because they've been there done it and I'll repeat that over and over and over Again because you got a lot of these Young kids that think they know Everything come on we see creators that Are coming on here that have absolutely No experience whatsoever Trying to give advice about MCS and in The scene all that kind of stuff and Haven't even been around that long Now the gray beards on the other hand Have Most of them lived through the 80s 90s 70s They knew it when it was just downright Scooter Trash baby That's why I like sitting down with them And learning from them and I suggest if You're a new MC member go up to your Gray beard and learn from them You'll have a great experience And you'll be a better person for it I Remember one of the things that a gray Bear told me because you know at Hollywood's younger years you gotta Party and a little too hard okay They used to tell me right off the bat You need to slow down kid or you're Gonna end up screwed up when you get Older and boy am I feeling a party after All these years I should have listened

To them So that's my advice there Take it from them sit down with them and Learn some stuff now I call this one Number two now The overlord the guy who thinks he's Better than everyone else the guy who Thinks he knows it all And you're a nobody And you're gonna run into these type of People Especially when you're just getting to Know somebody you'll go up to them try To you all shake their hand they'll say Yeah yeah I'm this from this chapter and Walk away put their nose up in the air On you These are also the guys that a lot of The members look at like you know what You freak shut up Even our old members can't stand them Boy have I run into a lot of these And usually they're the ones that have The money in the club They Have any uneasy Road why the rest Everybody's struggling to pay dues but They want to be part of the club And they're the ones that just get on Your nerves On your nerves at club meetings they're In there talking and you're like dude What are you even talking about here They like hearing themselves talk so

Yeah those we call the overlords here in Chicago anyway Nada I don't know what you guys call Them on say the East Coast West Coast But I know they call them overlords here Because they try to put themselves over You And it's always funny a lot of times When you see these guys talking to Somebody that's like hardcore into this Lifestyle I'm talking hardcore scooter Tramp And They just turn around and smacked the Shit out of them you know what that was The funniest thing I ever seen it had to Be uh late 90s when I seen one of these Guys and it was like they're talking Down to their own brother and that Brother just hauled off and smacked the Shit out of them And everybody you to tell everybody had A twinkle in their eye like damn man It's about time somebody did that So yeah you're gonna run into those that Think they're better than you and again Usually they're the ones with the more Money because they even look down at Their own brothers and say why you even Here that's you know that's that is And then the third one you have is the Stone cold man These are the ones that really live this Life they take it very very serious

These are the type of guy That don't play around don't have no Monkey business none of that stuff And they do it as it should say with Bylaws they believe in every word that The bylaws has to say The club runs through their veins they Have no alternative or ulterior motive Whatsoever for anything That they do It's wake up every single morning put Their pants on jump on their bike having Their colors up in the air And we'll defend them colors to the Death they're usually the ones that are Right there on the front line when Something's about to go down they're the Ones right there to the end until it's Over They live and breathe that raunchiness If you know what I mean they they love Going out there partying having freaking Uh fights the whole nine yards stone Cold man and I would have to say About 60 70 percent of club members are Like that That you know because that's one thing People don't realize and a lot of Creators don't put across people is just Be yourself you don't have to be the Tough guy Be what you're good at Be you That's what it's all about

It's not about being the big tough guy There's already guys there that can do That trust me already there's those guys Now another one and this is I I think This has to be my most favorite one That's the guy that is the life of the Party The guy you want at your party at all Times because you know it's going to be Uh uh a banger of a party if you will It's gonna be that way yeah I gotta love It You know these are the ones that are Going around doing stupid stuff they'll Hook you up with the chicks you know They'll make sure the strippers are There If you're out on a run they'll keep your Tired ass from getting all down and Stuff like that you stop at a campground You know what I'm talking about you know What I'm talking about It is just they're a fantastic person And a lot of people are like that they Love Taking as much as they can out of this Lifestyle and making it good for others That's the cool stuff about them type of Guys and I'm sure you all know one out There or two or three and depending on What club you're you have there might be Many of them so the party is going to be Really whacked man and finally of course You got your gangsters okay

And that is a big debate within the Community nowadays these are mostly Younger guys that are more into the Hip-hop lifestyle you know they go and Uh you know you hear that boom boom boom On their damn bikes and stuff like that But you know they do have loyalty to the Club But the problem is that they bring a lot Of that street mentality with it and You're seeing a lot of that in news Articles right now and I believe this Group or group of people should get with The uh gray beards and the gray beards I Tell them to stop their crap because It's bringing way too much Attention if you will To the emcee But it is generational because if you Look at the gray beards they were mostly Decades ago now the new kids are coming Up so they're trying to make it theirs And that's just the way Society is now It's a different Taste of music like me It's all rock I love rock You know I'm talking I even I love a lot Of 80s stuff I love a lot of 90s stuff But a lot of them now are like screw you Man Even though the guys in the 90s started A lot of the hip-hop stuff here around Chicago there will be arguments about That in the comment section from the Younger guys but

They dress a lot more stylish where you Know they don't want their colors dirty At all where ours we used to roll around In the mud in they get them 30 so nobody Knew that you were a new member or not They just got a different style they Dress a different way they think a Different way and they're quick to react A little more than what I would call a Stone cold would anyway Let me know what you think in the Comments section about this one let me Know which one you like the most and Which ones you really don't like when it Comes to the type of members you're Gonna run into when you go buy a club Anyway we're gonna go to the second half Of the show right now with China doll Baby it's gonna be a good one Same throttle members only club on YouTube YouTubers Spotify and receive Exclusive content Monday through Friday At 9 20 a.m Central Standard Time your Membership in the throttle Club helps Keep the show going strong the Motorcycle mad house Morning Show Now Streaming over on Rumble and YouTube Monday through Friday at 8 15 a.m Central Standard Time tune in Mondays Live at 7 pm Central Standard Time on YouTube for the madhouse Monday Night Raw with Hollywood and Marco grab a beer Or some wacky tobacca and sit back and Plus the gun subscribe to chinatown's

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