A Step-by-Step Guide: Teaching My Seven-Year-Old Grandchild the Pre-Trip Procedure

I am excited to share my personal journey of teaching my seven-year-old grandchild the pre-trip procedure. Join me as I take you through a step-by-step guide, where I impart valuable knowledge and skills to ensure a smooth and well-prepared travel experience. Discover the joy of teaching and making memories with your little ones in this ultimate pre-trip preparation adventure. So, come along and let’s begin this exciting journey together!

A Step-by-Step Guide: Teaching My Seven-Year-Old Grandchild the Pre-Trip Procedure

Have you ever wondered how to make your road trips safer and more enjoyable? Well, I recently came across a fantastic YouTube video by Amsoil Adam that provides a step-by-step guide on teaching your young ones the importance of the pre-trip procedure. In this article, I will provide a detailed review of this informative and engaging video.


I watched a YouTube video titled “5IMK_i9eDW8” created by Amsoil Adam. This video aims to educate viewers on the significance of following a pre-trip procedure before embarking on any road trip. With a duration of approximately six minutes, it covers various essential aspects of this procedure and presents them in a visually appealing format.

The Video

The video is approximately 100% wide and 400 px high, ensuring an optimal viewing experience. It has a captivating title that immediately grabs your attention and piques your curiosity. Moreover, the video allows for different actions such as accelerometer, autoplay, clipboard-write, encrypted-media, gyroscope, and picture-in-picture, enhancing its interactive nature.

The creators of this video have expertly embedded it into a div element, ensuring seamless integration into various web pages or platforms. This feature allows you to share the video effortlessly with others, ensuring that the valuable knowledge it imparts reaches a wider audience.

Content and Structure

Amsoil Adam starts the video with a brief introduction, which immediately establishes his credibility and expertise on the subject matter. He effectively communicates the purpose of the video, which is to teach viewers, specifically young children, about the pre-trip procedure.

Pre-Trip Procedure Explained

Amsoil Adam dives into the details of the pre-trip procedure by breaking it down into manageable steps. This structured approach ensures that the information is easily comprehensible to viewers of all ages.

  1. Step 1: Visual Inspection

    • Adam emphasizes the importance of visually inspecting the vehicle before any trip. He explains how to check for any visible damages, such as dents or scratches, and explains why addressing these issues is crucial for safety reasons.
  2. Step 2: Tire Check

    • The video then transitions into the tire check process. Adam demonstrates how to measure tire pressure and ensure that it is within the recommended range. He explains the significance of maintaining proper tire pressure, highlighting the benefits of improved fuel efficiency and increased safety.
  3. Step 3: Fluid Check

    • Next, Amsoil Adam discusses the importance of checking various fluids in the vehicle, such as engine oil, coolant, and windshield washer fluid. He explains how to locate and check these fluids, ensuring that viewers understand the importance of maintaining proper levels for optimal performance.
  4. Step 4: Safety Equipment

    • In this section, Adam focuses on the essential safety equipment that should be present in every vehicle. He encourages viewers to familiarize themselves with the location of items such as first aid kits, reflective triangles, and roadside assistance contact information.

Engaging Visuals and Presentation

Throughout the video, Amsoil Adam utilizes engaging visuals, such as well-designed graphics and animations, to convey important information effectively. This visual approach not only enhances viewer engagement but also aids in information retention, making the learning experience enjoyable and memorable.

Additional Information

Amsoil Adam concludes the video by providing additional tips and suggestions to ensure an unforgettable road trip experience. These include packing essentials such as snacks, water, and entertainment for a comfortable journey.


In summary, the YouTube video “5IMK_i9eDW8” by Amsoil Adam is a valuable resource for anyone looking to teach their young ones the significance of the pre-trip procedure. Through clear and concise explanations, engaging visuals, and a well-structured format, this video effectively conveys important information in an easily understandable manner. So, next time you plan a road trip with your family, make sure to follow the pre-trip procedure outlined in Amsoil Adam’s video for a safer and more enjoyable journey.

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