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Bike Week 2021 | Best Bikes Monday | Daytona Beach

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Today is the 4th day of the 2021 Daytona Beach Bike Week. I want to switch things up a little and show you guys clips of the cool bikes I’ve seen throughout the day. Come along and check out what’s going on for the 80th Annual Motorcycle Rally.

In addition, Daytona Beach Bike Week, also called Daytona Bike Week, is a motorcycle event and rally held annually in Daytona Beach, Florida. Approximately 500,000 people make their way to the rally area for the 10-day event. The festivities include motorcycle racing, concerts, parties, and street festivals. The event is usually held on the first full week of March (including the Fri-Sat-Sun prior to) and contends with the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally as the most popular motorcycle rally in the United States.

Bike Week 2021 | Best Bikes Monday | Daytona Beach

What Kind of Motorcycle Rider Are You?

There are two kinds of motorcycle riders: those who have had a crash, and those who will have a mishap. Which one are you? Riding a motorbike is inherently a lot more hazardous than various other modes of transport.

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