Down and Dirty Saddleman Bag and Taillight Install

[Music] Foreign We wanted to take a minute to thank our Friends at the if You’re ever in an accident in Iowa or Minnesota make sure to call and ride the Recovery road with the biker lawyers hi Y’all I’m Meg and this is Meg’s Motorcycle Journey if you are new here It is a mood of Vlog that follows me on My two-wheel Journey cameraman comes Along with me and sometimes we have some Other folks join us on the journey today You’ll be seeing some footage of our Buddy Dennis So for those of you that have followed Our channel for a while and like install Videos you’re in luck because we haven’t Done an install video in a long time and Today you will see an install video If you are new to our Channel you do not Know that I am terrible with tools I am A lawyer by trade that is my day job so I have never really had an opportunity To learn too much about tools Um and that’s very Apparent when you watch me do an install So stay tuned if you would like some Good laughs Um And then at the end I will give you a Little info on the product What are we doing today Meg Oh generously thank you settlement you

Guys are the greatest Sent me these bags which are not hard Bags they’re like soft bags they’re sort Of like those ones that Moto blonde said Look like ball sacks yes but they’re a Little bit I think they’re a little bit Better shape than that anyway it’s a Really nice really heavy duty bag and we Were thinking that we’re gonna need These and a [ __ ] bar bag when we go Across country that’s right apparently Michael’s decided that he’s just taking One little bag and everything gets to Come on my bike that’s the way it goes Anyway so Dennis has decided and says Not coming off we have to re-engineer These saddle bugs so these are supposed To be able to go on my bike right Without the [ __ ] bar right well so what About if we just got longer screws Though That’s an option because that’s what Like Lauren had to do why did you get Paid the big bucks because I feel like If we just had a longer screw it can get Okay I’m cutting it let’s get started it Does was so ready to cut you he already Drew a line on this one He’s all lined up I mean but it’s we’re Gonna have to take it off anyway because We got to get the blinker off right We’re eliminating the blinkers so y’all But here’s the other thing Buster thank you as soon as I wanted

These he sent them like so awesome from Saddlemen anyway saddlemen’s the Greatest partner we’re so appreciative Um but here’s the thing and like this is Guys you know how I do with installs and You know some people tell me install Videos are their favorite and I haven’t Done one no those are the plates Dennis Um I haven’t done one in a long time so I figured it we were due to do an Install video it’s gonna be hilarious Because everyone knows I don’t know how To use tools or how to do any of it I Have a law degree or anything I know This is a screwdriver and I know what a Hammer looks like and that’s about the Extent of my knowledge In tools anyway so here’s the thing Though that I did not realize when I Asked Buster for these is that my Blinkers have to come off which is good No I know you hate them but they don’t Have to be relocated so here’s here’s The thing guys I didn’t want to mess With trying to relocate them so what I Did instead oh I I know there’s this What I did instead was I so Moto blonde If you guys haven’t seen her Channel Check it out she’s so close to 20 000 go Help her get it Um She had Michael and I went to ride with Her in New York when we went up to Vermont two years ago she had a

Different tail light that had the Blinkers inside So I really liked that and I thought That would eliminate the issue of having To move my blinkers so I did not buy the One that she had because it was more Money than I wanted to spend so I bought One on Amazon It it was significantly less money but It is supposed to Do the blinker thing it’s a blinker Thing yeah Look at this hold on y’all So So this isn’t showing it but on Amazon It showed it of course where it had the The like blinker arrows well it does Show it in here because these are going To be your blinker wires the these two Right yeah and they’re longer and that’s Going to reach up to where so first Things first guys we cannot take this Bike apart if I don’t have blinkers so We’re gonna do the light first and if we Accomplish the light which Lauren did Her lights I should be able to do this That’s right she’s a little more tool Incline than I am and the light to the Blinkers I mean the wire to the blinker So so the first things first I’m sorry I have a lot of people that Bothered me trying to get me to do my Real job right to practice get that Nonsense I’m not here for that you got

Time for that I’m here to be a third Rate YouTube motorcycle mechanic that’s Right maybe I’ll take this thing off and we’re gonna Try the light first and if we get the Light on Try the bags I’m trying Buster I’m Trying we’re gonna get the bags done all Right Stick around you know what we might not Even put writing footage on this video Because I probably will not have all Right all right we’re good We’ll turn that off now what no we’re Gonna watch you unscrew this okay wait So Dennis this screwdriver that you have Right here this is what I need to get This off okay So I just need to be careful not to Strip things right Michael yeah well yep You’ll be good guys What does that means Well this one fits perfectly it came Right out That well that’s pretty long actually I Need to see to get back in right yep Holder oh look at that that’s handy Dad’s got all the tools I mean we’ve Done installs but in Fitzy’s garage Washes and dogs Lauren’s So Michael and I do not have a good Garage with a crappy garage but we have Great friends thanks guys great thank You

Yeah for all these people on YouTube They’re like ah Nick’s a lawyer she Lives in a mansion she has her own Garage no I don’t And I’m not I’m swimming in student lens If you wanted to know Yeah but it’s like little all right so Wait a second Michael you said that Those color wires were Supposed to stop touching that all right So wait but something yeah Like here no you had a first pinch this Yep I feel like I’m gonna rip something this Seems like it’s not good One two muscles on you Dennis I’m oh there we go oh that Doesn’t look good look at that that’s Good that’s a grease on there come on Okay all right so now let’s go back Yonder Also Yeah We’re gonna pull the the cart oh yeah Right to your right this thing yep okay All right now what do I need to do Michael do I need to read the little Wife now we got Fair of the wiring but So Are we gonna have to Does this thing no that thing needs to Stay right yeah but then here’s the Thing we can’t really plug it in because We don’t have the blinker wires right or

They have to go on the inside of this Right right I don’t know you gotta find Them well look We got These two are the blinkers left and Right blinker Now see here’s the conundrum so this Gets plugged in like this oh I’m going To be so bad at electricals and then the Red wire goes in the second yeah Port But that window sticking nothing because That’s because once you put it in there It’s no return okay I mean there is but You have to play with it okay and then The white one it says goes all the way Over here but let’s double check that One again too you were right Michael Left turn and right turn but I just Don’t know how we’re gonna plug those in So you see how they got it Yeah but the left turn and right turn Look like there’s holes right there but I don’t so see now the one here has a Blue wire and the blue wires right next To the third spot We’re taking the third wire which is the White wire and sticking it in the fourth Spot Which is different well should we try to Stick these in because what else are we Gonna do right We see balls here she just shoves it Right in there okay I mean I don’t know What other information

That’s been my motto since I was 15 [Music] Oh I know why it’s telling me I have to Clean it because this is like sticky Can I use this or is this used for Something else Oh I don’t know that this is the right Model for this though I don’t know maybe it’ll work I told you Michael it wasn’t unclear as to whether It would go on my bike it had some Models it did not have my model listed This it says clean it it doesn’t have to Be like so it says to do that part first Yeah it says put the gasket in first Okay Good thing I have detailed experience Get my fingers and crevices yeah look at The rest of the bike tell me that again You’re right okay I didn’t say that I Have the work ethic to keep it clean all The time I said I have detail experience Okay let’s take you off right but I was Just trying to fit it in there first Before I start sticking that’s a good Idea all right stick it so stick it now Stick it All right here goes You know really I should be FaceTiming Heather she would do better than me Better blonde those stock tail lights Don’t have its own turn lights so you Could connect the turn signal wire to

The side turn signal lights then the Signal of the new tail light will work Okay well how am I supposed to do that Turn signal wire up we gotta find it The [ __ ] board I wanted to see if we could just make Any of the lights work before we did it Right you can’t because well we can’t Except for the blinkers and we can plug That in and see if there’s electric to It we could actually run we could take a Battery and run Oh I thought you had that done no I Didn’t I didn’t do that because the Denim is making me a little scared and I Was reading trying to get Right don’t break it Easy All right now All right black wire Negative wire white wire Running light red wire brake light see The brake light won’t work Um blue and the black one should be your Ground according to the wire diagram Insert the white and red wire into the Corresponding slot Which way does this little thing have to Go that’s what I’m saying so we gotta Figure that out so okay that definitely Gives it looks like the circle that goes Up right it looks like it it does so That’s the way I think it goes Wait do we have like what is that an

Exacto knife he’s got it already oh you Already cut that thing I think it’s Gonna need more than that actually well Just let’s see if it works Let’s see I’m hitting the brake is it Lighting up Light but it’s not making a yeah that Works that I put it back on there oh you Know why it’s the red light is not all The way the red wire is not all the way In all right now I hit it all right so The brakes are working now it’s working All right All right so get a test light and test It makes sense it will go to the left is In here it looks like right Okay Yeah And then yellow that’s got to set the Tester out and it says I don’t need to Test it now do I no it’ll be fine right Let’s check it all right let’s see Turning right Uh No yeah right flip it I got nothing Though all right try the other side All right so that they don’t get plugged In there it looks that’s what they do Though but is it because these are Plugged in it might be Yes we gotta sort these wires up that’s Why I was saying we might need to take The tire off oh my God Jack it up baby Jack it up maybe on my

Pay grade how do You know maybe well I don’t know how Much room we got Maybe yeah yeah take it off Um yeah there’s one wire that runs back There Dennis but yeah and that comes off Both the blinkers I guess Should I take it off or not take it off Oh man I’m about to mess this bike Up We’re not Gonna be a go on this trip tomorrow I’m trying this is about the strip Though I don’t know why I’m trying to be Careful though let me see it just I just I felt it like it’s turning This is gonna be bad I can just feel it in my booms Okay this thing I mean we might as well just take the Tire off no why Now this won’t come out is there Something Okay So there’s this one big old wire thing Yes we gotta trace the wires up to here You think those are the blinkers Whatever wire goes in here is the Blinker wire That’s gonna be a different job [Applause] There we go right all right there you go All right yeah Juju An why is it not going in gotta push Yeah I pull the trigger while I do it

I’m joking hon Jesus Christ You know We got it reverse But that wasn’t good now taking You know you gotta hold like you mean it Right right you don’t want to strip it That’s it All right so Hold it in there tightening yeah Oh I don’t feel like it’s in there but Yeah All right there’s two over here wait This one’s still in there all right just Do a little harder It’s ready oh damn that was not good With this remember how hard it was to Get the [ __ ] bar yeah no it was really Hard to get that [ __ ] bar on really Hard Keep going We had two of them to get the [ __ ] bar In right no we didn’t take this off We’ve never taken this off new territory So Sean had to do this though right when He painted it let’s take the seat off Too all right hold on Oh damn This is scary as [ __ ] by the way I’m Doing great I was glad it’s not my bike I know right that’s easy for me to say Right Well you know what we can’t get it back Together I guess we’re both take riding Your bike tomorrow

Run Okay I’ve done this a lot of times oh but It’s hard now Guys we might have to throw my bike in The trash after this [Music] Any saddlebag I’m getting a new bike Oh my God it’s not going to want to come Off this is scary We’ll figure it out It doesn’t it All right so here’s the wiring harness Here so it is that right but where is The blinker wires at the blinker wires Go through here They are all the way here they are here All the way here up to This is stuck So here’s the problem look That you can’t even take this wire out Anywhere that’s good We just won Just cut it off So then if we cut it off what’s the next Step after that to run at the one of These But how would that work You gotta cut this off and run into There Instead of them giving you an adapter He’s just gonna make an adapter Doesn’t even come out of here look at This actually we could do that what how

Fancy do you want to get Huh I got those uh plugs I got plugs You could do that huh but this is the Easy way look this doesn’t even come out I said we do it the easy way don’t don’t Worry about that we need the plug thing Though we’re gonna cut it off So you figure out what size of these Goes in there right And then you put the two wires in here And then you heat this up with a yeah a Lighter and it’s funny when you said Take a beater to my bike right Payback Payback Now we could do a real plug but it’s a Lot of plug for a little thing a little Thing yeah Mostly too much at once I’m scared let’s Talk let’s talk about that do you think This was going to be just like I thought It was a plug-and-play Well she bought Harley No she bought off Amazon too all her Was all Plug and Play But Megan’s her specific bike it says She has to have it again it’s the only Model that has to have an adapter I have The adapter 155 instead of it don’t cost Nothing Cut wires And we’ll be able to do it today what is Your Is your hold on let’s go let’s go show Her where to cut where to cut Dennis Laughs

I love it I mean here’s the thing if I Can’t get this back together and ride it Tomorrow I don’t know what I’m gonna do I want to see you cry I’m gonna ride Dennis’s dirt bike all the way to Freaking That would be hilarious actually I you know how much you know about Electronics we’ll learn right now zero What gets me is there’s two wires here He wasn’t anticipating that and they’re One wire there I knew there was two so One of them’s got me a ground Logics right oh my God you know who Who’s always telling me like he wants to See me get braver and do more things is Tweedledee you know what Tweedle D I am Brave I am so brave she does have a Choice now I should never go crazy the Black be the ground right We don’t yeah exactly right we don’t Know nothing no usually Black’s ground No no no no no no fire strippers no how Do I do that You didn’t watch me over there you put It in this little hole or something you Put and then you pull Let’s give it a little bit more room Strip a little bit more thanks you ready This is the moment of truth Hold on let’s see do I have lights I Have lights okay now now all right let’s See what blakers do left left I hope hey Dennis for the win oh my gosh I wasn’t

Really that confident I know he worked Oh my god Oh ye of little faith Yeah so basically If you buy this right and they try to Sell you a 40 piece right you don’t need It Go Ninja Did you see here with the anxiety so High right now and you feel it she Followed me inside tried to tell me Without without telling me let’s just Order the hardest without telling me That she tried to tell me that yeah You ain’t listening to me she thought She had my support when we came up here I was like no This looks gonna look sexy without those Blinkers all right you’re gonna be so Happy about it you hate this thing so Much Every time you write it makes me want to Eliminate mine gonna be happy You pulled that trigger It was scary she just whacked it off Didn’t you She grabbed that thing and whacked it Right off and I’m done Put your eyes closed was your eyes Closed yep oh that’s good [Laughter] [Music] Yo we already figured out it’s gonna be A disaster Like it’s gonna look so ghetto all right Remove the two fender

Strut Bolts from the left side of your Motorcycle All right they already did we already Took all that [ __ ] out right Install the saddle bag into the fender Strut mounting L1 will go on the inside And mounting L2 will be on the outside Behind the saddle bag so l1’s on the Inside l2’s on the outside all righty But the problem is [Music] I got right yep but the issue is is I Think Michael that we’re gonna have to Put these screws in back in first before We do anything all right so I need this Thing that Dennis had right but I gotta I thought I think the long ones gotta go Up front so here’s a long one here no But I put the laundry I got two short Ones in here that’s I think that’s long Enough Okay I think the long one was here No it seems it doesn’t I know So it’s got to be this but I might just Take the washer off right now did you See how I did that I was real easy with It don’t strip nothing and don’t ever Torque it is that good Michael yep all Right go back to the other one Push tightly in there hold two hands Go all right No this is tight enough yeah It’s tight all right see What I’m saying

Ain’t gonna work I know but it’s gonna hit do you have Two screws over here too these are the Two So the bag has this plate on the inside I understand that that’s easy In this plate on the outside [Music] But this is we had a hell of a time last Time lining it up we’ll see pushing all This [ __ ] gotta get along Oh yeah it’s because the plate in the Back Amazing I’m thinking that’s right push up on This No Yeah what the [ __ ] Fell out Dude I’m gonna go under there lift up on the Bar a little bit Dark damn long Right there What’s going on over here Put something in there Well it’s because we’re not time Okay The plate though isn’t flushing it’s Because the dust can be tight Do you see what I mean I mean you might be right oh get your Head out of down there I think we got it right we gotta get

This [ __ ] working That one went see that one’s all the way In though this one isn’t it’s coming up I don’t know it won’t go in it looks Like it’s stuck like it’s not lined up Exactly right the other side went though Maybe I’m saying maybe he’s right and it Should flip around I don’t know you know She’s always looking for problems and She does classifying Solutions well you Know that is her job he’s right a job Every day to think about the problems And figure out how I’m gonna Prepare No that’s tight Jesus it’s not bad Well it’s not tight yet is it Here he’s just Make sure he’s right right When that sucks she brought him right Out yeah Foreign Just ain’t gonna work is it no You know we could just like cut the Bottom like off It’d just be cosmetic You’re gonna start a new trend here just One bag hun I’ve never seen that before I kind of like it The expansion Yes here’s the zipper over here Okay now That goes all the way around

Geez just one zipper What do you think That looks good It’s just nice we have one on the other Side I don’t think there’s a way of Hell Dennis Unless we cut it off here let’s flip one Off there’s no work we can take the slip Off right but then I’m not gonna have Baffles because it’s gonna sound Terrible wow Laughs He ain’t giving up Let’s go Magic Man You’re gonna burn it get a sledgehammer And he just did that just Dent it down Right we gotta go down how far screw it Just get the torch heat it up Only an inch an inches He’s dead serious mag let’s see what you Decide Foreign Just me you and her and the rest of YouTube [Music] You know sir And then we beat down Bag looks good though From Here [Music] So the bags are from saddlemen as you Probably guessed I will link them in the

Description settlement has been a Channel partner for us for a while now They are fantastic we love their seats We love their bags we love their [ __ ] Bar bags everything that we’ve ever Received from them is really high Quality Um yes I am riding around with one bag Until I figure that out Um and I know it looks funny but I Didn’t want to have gone through all That trouble for nothing so you guys can At least see from this side what it Looks like uh I’m gonna get it taken Care of before we go in our cross Country trip at any rate for those of You that have a low rider s and don’t Want to trade it in for an st but do Want some extra storage this is an Awesome option and this was a trip that Michael and I took we rode um Over by the Blue Ridge Parkway down in South Western Virginia and it was really Nice to be able to stick stuff in there As you can tell the conditions weren’t Great sorry for the view it was raining A bit Um and everything that was in my bag Stayed dry so I thought that was really Great and I’m really happy with the Product until next time guys ride safe Subscribe if you haven’t thank you [Music] Foreign

[Music] Foreign [Music]

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