Everybody is a 1%ER until it is time to do 1%ER sh*t

[Music] Thank you What's up everyone hi you guys and girls Doing welcome to motorcycle mad house Morning Mayhem later on we have China Doll coming up baby it's gonna be a good One Everybody's a victim man am I gonna Freaking burn some ass butt hairs on That one when we get going anyway I Wanted to discuss this post that was Made by Professor blade over at four for The road And it is Something that really resonated after The past week advance And that's because I've seen a lot of coverage on this Incident down in Texas and you had it in These comment sections All these people actually Repeating this And everybody's a one percenter until It's time to do a one percenter shit And then I seen the post and I was like Damn man Professor blade really Explained this To the T Because I do find it funny That the ones that usually comment on This stuff Are the ones that aren't even around As club members Or even Independents or don't have a

Bike It's funny that people always equate a One percenter to a criminal and you have To say hey the media has done his job by Banging that into everybody's head Just like the cops same thing But what you don't see in the media Is the harping on the cops like they do Bikers when some bad stuff goes down But that phrase always dig bug me as Well It's used by people just to look cool When they have nothing at all to do with Anything Let's take a look at this pose four for The Road by the way if you guys and Gales want to learn uh protocol stuff or Learn a little bit about the club scene Go uh check them out It goes on to say and this post was two Days ago I hate this cliche and I think a lot of People do because it makes people Look ignorant when they say it Everybody is a one percenter until it's Time to do One percenter shit what does that even Mean you hear people say it all the time Nowadays in parentheses usually 91 Percenters are newly patched ones But no one can explain it Damn what a point right there Nobody can explain it It's kind of like when you're having a

Debate and the other sides you know Keeps on this point But when you simply ask for proof they Can't give you any and they get mad at You Damn straight right there can't give you Anything to what this means so being in An MC is being a man first specifically A stand-up loyal kind of man Criminality is not part of the doctrine No matter what the cops or TV show says If you're prone to criminality you will Do that regardless of a patch or not you Know what Intelligent right there very intelligent This uh Professor blade is in his Writings his communication All that type of stuff Just because somebody wears a patch Don't make him a criminal Again just because somebody wears a Patch doesn't make them a criminal You have a lot of hard-working people Involved in MCs And you can especially see The Nuance in somebody's comments that You see on a lot of our posts Yeah we have some cops locks that come In there with their BS all the time But what's even worse is you have Non-cops that try to push that stuff in The comments section as well If you're a doctor And you're out there selling scripts

Well you're a criminal That don't mean everybody is N't that what they say when we go after Cops all the time Well it's only one cop it's not Everybody else well wait a second you Got to put that To everybody then don't you And he has put uh some good links about There are some serious stories about Criminal cops Jackson County Florida Former Jackson County Deputy accused I'm planning drugs in people's cars has Been arrested by the Florida law Enforcement Then another one uh FBI investigated Tattoo Deputy gangs in LA Which yeah that story's out there but Yeah it actually happened This is more common than incidences of Bikers being criminals especially since When police actually get accused and Arrested It is usually after a long-term blatant Abuse That no one can turn a blind eye towards Anymore and basically what he's saying Is They string out an investigation to Protect their own They gotta do it when it finally comes To the public eye where there's public Outrage and then admit it But boy are they all over that freaking

The club stuff man uh there are men out There whose whole identity is built upon Them being a one percenter Well what were you before you put on That diamond very interesting question Did you ever change because of the Diamond because of an image you felt you Must maintain Your divorce is final now your house Your job heck maybe even your bike is Gone now because you were trying to do One percenter shit And you do not even know what it is He's got that right you do got people Out there trying to do one percenter Stuff as the general public says it is Or defines it When reality that's not what it is It's not what it is at all now they're Doing Life Behind Bars because they feel Like they had to have Actions that backed up some kind of uh You know one percent or shit according To the public One percenter world does not need your Help with one percent or shit the one Percenter just needs to stand up loyal Men who ride their bikes Go back and sit down with your network TV show I'm going to do some one Percenter shit right now And it's take care of my family Professor blade He put it down there square right in

Your face About how one percenters have to take Care of their families They go to work pay taxes just like Everybody else And I really love this point about well If you're a criminal before joining a Club you're still going to do criminal Stuff That isn't the club's fault Some are gonna argue yeah clubs need to Do better policing which I think Everybody could agree upon That way the bad stuff doesn't happen But for those that key I I hear it all The time where people say well one Percenter clubs need to take care of These new club problem And I always come back and say well why Don't you do it then Why don't you go put your freedom at Risk A lot of the problems that you see are Actually caused online and by supporters Super supporters Who just want to be heard and their Opinion uh be acknowledged and it gets Some of this craziness that spreads But I really loved that post right there Because you do here go look at some of The comments and all these platforms Go look at it And you'll see that exact quote hell I Think I've seen t-shirts out there with

It But it's usually not one percenters that Wear them t-shirts it's you bonehead Meatballs That have nothing to do with clubs that Go out and purchase that kind of stuff It's not about what the TV and the cops Portray it's not about what that moron Steve Cook Who jumps at a camera every time he can When something bad goes down says The dude's no expert Go look at his casework He has no reason to call himself an Expert But he'll go on and prop you know Put This out about clubs And he sits back and rakes it in because He gets to go to Police Department act Like he's a freaking expert on things But I really uh Think you should go visit four for the Road that was a great article right There And it sums it up and basically a few Paragraphs Stop with your idiot way of thinking Just stop And it's not cool to say it Because look at yourself in the mirror If you're gonna go on one of the Platforms and comment Why one percenter clubs ain't taking

Care of business Then you go do it if you got the balls You go do it But it's easy to say that stuff and act Cool When it's not you doing it Anyway we're gonna go to the second half Of the show right now with China doll Don't forget the madhouse morning show Has its own YouTube channel I had to Take some time get it worked out and Stuff but go over there subscribe and All that stuff and you just see the Second half of the show live Monday Through Friday at 8 15 a.m Central Standard Time subscribe to China dolls Viper pit to get your dose of the world According to China Doll real and honest Opinions on what's happening in the World today join the queen Viper and Take a Walk on the Wild Side of Life on Chinatown wiper pit on YouTube today get Your wake and bake going and settle in Monday through Friday at 8 15 a.m Central Standard Time for a blast from The past with some good old shot talk Radio join Hollywood and China on YouTube and Spotify for the madhouse Morning Show you won't be disappointed And if you are that sounds like you a Problem cupcake join the end insane Throttle members only club on YouTube or Spotify and receive exclusive content Monday through Friday at 9 20 a.m

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