Exploring Myrtle Beach Bike Week’s Spokes & Bones with Murrells Inlet S.B.B.

Discover the thrill of Spokes & Bones in Myrtle Beach Bike Week, as we take you through a fascinating adventure alongside the Murrells Inlet S.B.B. The annual Myrtle Beach Bike Week has always been just more than a motorcycling event. The event provides a unique platform for riders to connect, explore new destinations, and create memories that will last a lifetime. This year, we delve deeper into the never-ending excitement of Bike Week, showcasing all the challenges, breathtaking views, and experiences that you don’t want to miss. Join us as we uncover the magic of Spokes & Bones with Murrells Inlet S.B.B.


Myrtle Beach Bike Week is synonymous with motorcycles, leather, and unforgettable experiences in South Carolina. One of the most anticipated events during this week is the famous S.B.B. burnout contest, where riders compete to become the loudest and smokiest participant. But bike week is not just about competitive spirit; it’s about bonding with fellow riders, exploring the beautiful area and discovering the hidden gems of Myrtle Beach. In this article, we take a closer look at Spokes & Bones, an acclaimed custom bike show venue, and explore the local hotspots in Murrells Inlet, including the Beaver Bar, S.B.B., and Barefoot Landing.

Live Entertainment Destinations

During Myrtle Beach Bike Week, riders flock to various hotspots that are rated highly for live entertainment. The Beaver Bar, located on Highway 17, features rocking bands and a massive outdoor live entertainment space. The seasoned staff at the bar ensures that every moment spent here is unforgettable. Another popular destination is S.B.B., which is famous for its burnout contest. Participants kick off their engines and pop the tire to the cheers of the crowd. The staff at S.B.B is always friendly and ensures that everyone has a fantastic time.

Spokes and Bones is yet another destination that bike enthusiasts look forward to. They host a custom bike show, showcasing some of the most exquisite and unique bikes from across the country. The vibes at Spokes and Bones are upbeat and infectious, and the staff is passionate and knowledgeable about all things bikes.

Huge Crowd Attraction

One of the most noteworthy events during bike week is the S.B.B. Burnout Contest. It’s an event that’s not for the fainthearted! Participants compete to see who can spin their tires the longest and produce the most smoke. The crowd cheers for their favorite riders, and the excitement here is unparalleled.

Barefoot Landing

While Barefoot Landing is not necessarily a bike-centric location, it is an exciting spot to visit during bike week. The venue has a plethora of vendors selling all types of bike gear, accessories, and show bikes. The atmosphere here is upbeat and perfect for those looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the main events. The Boardwalk along the water is a great place to relax and take in the beautiful scenery in the area.

Spokes and Bones Custom Bike Show and Friendly Staff

Spokes and Bones is the place to be if you are looking for a custom bike show and plenty of entertainment. The staff is always welcoming and knowledgeable. The venue hosts some of the best custom bikes in the country, and visitors are encouraged to browse the unique bikes at leisure. The energy at Spokes and Bones is contagious and makes everyone feel like family.

Dinner with Bob and Tam in Murrells Inlet

For visitors who crave a laid-back and enjoyable dining experience, Murrells Inlet is an ideal spot. Bob and Tam’s, located in the city center, is an excellent destination for dinner and offers quality food and drink options. The location boasts a boardwalk along the water, featuring shops and restaurants and arcade games that visitors can indulge in.

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Check out the video below by @primecutpro showcasing the S.B.B. burnout contest and the atmosphere surrounding this memorable event during bike week.

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Myrtle Beach Bike Week @ SBB & Spokes & Bones 2015 A-Cut


Myrtle Beach Bike Week is an experience like no other, where bike enthusiasts come together for live entertainment and exploring the hidden gems in South Carolina. From the famed S.B.B. burnout contest to the custom bike show at Spokes and Bones, this event has something for everyone. If you’re planning on attending, be sure to visit the Beaver Bar and Barefoot Landing for some exciting moments. Lastly, take a trip to Murrells Inlet and experience the fantastic local cuisine and beautiful waterfront. Get your engines ready for Myrtle Beach Bike Week!