First Motocamping Trip of 2023. We froze.

Huh I feel like I gotta put it back on No it’s good It’s not gonna last Michael well we can Blow it up later I mean you’re not Waiting on it now [Music] We wanted to take a minute to thank our Friends at the if You’re ever in an accident in Iowa or Minnesota make sure to call and ride the Recovery road with the biker lawyers Hi guys if you’re new I’m Meg and this Is Meg’s motorcycle Journey it is a moto Vlog that follows my journey on two Wheels Cameraman Michael comes along with me Sometimes we have some of our other Friends you’re in for a real treat today This is our annual Moto camping debut we went tent camping If you’re not new to the channel you Know I’m not really a tent girl so get Ready to laugh Like a substantive response Um Can her and I give you a call on Wednesday at some point [Applause] [Music] I hear a motorcycle This is what it’s like on the road with Megan Sometimes she has to do real work I think that’s fair [Applause]

So you got a little taste of what Michael always has to deal with when We’re on the road which is that I will Get random telephone calls from Work folks and have to take that on Here we are back at it Working on the side of the room Sacrifices It doesn’t sound like she’s answering Some of you have asked me if I enjoy my Job as an attorney and the answer is That I enjoy parts of it I enjoy Litigating and going to court but I Certainly enjoy my side gig as a Motovlogger much more so thank you guys For making that a reality The one oh yeah all right y’all Here we are It’s uh Just April in Maryland and uh spring Break time And so I didn’t have a lot of court And it just so happened that we got two Days 70 degrees and like 75. so we were Trying to think of a ride and we just Decided that we’re gonna do our first Moto camping trip of the year which is Different than all the other murder Vloggers camping trips and that is Because We don’t have any good gear we bring one A flashlight a knife and a shovel okay This time so y’all

I want to say that with cameraman and I Have gotten better at being prepared We bring rain gear and I brought my Heated gear if I get so cold I was like You know what we can just plug it in and Drain the battery drain the battery the Bike but I won’t die be hot right so we Got that And all these things Oh yeah I can’t figure out all my Clothes are in here they don’t have like Another place to put them put them on Top mine yeah you have to take the 10 Out of there the tent had to go in there Because our tent bag from last year was Not didn’t make it well didn’t make it Huh I can’t imagine that Because I got frustrated and tried to Zip it last year remember that yeah and Scratched the whole back of my Fender This is how a tent camp 10 bucks for a Psych right yeah where are we at Seneca Rocks Y’all Giant ass air mattress same defense I’m worried about the 10 first I’m I’m Working on this oh All right Oh Lord Make sure you pick the rockiest spot This is fine the fire is far enough away Right yeah Like

I’m gonna check all this stuff out But it seems like we always camp in April when it’s like freaking free Because any other time is too hot and Nobody wants to Camp when it’s hot well We did camp that one time that sucks It was hard And I got everywhere remember I Had bug bites like Everywhere yeah you’re talking about one Of the most miserable days of my life I Know what you’re talking about no it was Not miserable we still had fun that day Where you had the photo shoot yeah Yeah you didn’t have to sit there for Four and a half hours in the baking sun In the middle of nowhere I felt badly there’s nowhere to go what Are you talking about [Music] Kind of soft yeah a little squishy Haven we still got all the pieces I’m Hoping you do too All right Some sort of yellow thing that I don’t Think we used last year These are Some spices I wouldn’t worry about the steaks till After you get a 10 up I guess we could use a stick if we could If we had to Oh we got Plenty enough

No This I think we don’t need the rain fly Nah Well will it keep us warmer no Here we go Keep going I’m gonna go with no on the air mattress But we’re going to try We’re gonna try Maybe it’s nice All right You know so how much more experience I Have putting a 10 up now than I did yeah All right so Get this end Oh this is not one of the ones that it Goes through the holes it just has the Hooks right that’s the top part right There okay Because we’ve had remember my my Negative yeah Yes I do all right [Music] All right [Music] You know people always talk about like How bad it is Yep I recall my mother like the only time That we ever went through tent camping When I was a kid I recall her being like This is gonna be the end of us our Family why because like they were Fighting about the tent and getting the

Tent up and it’s like it was really hard But I’ve never really thought it was That hard that we’ve gone in with you Yeah It feels like [Music] No I I like the cold I sleep with 50 Degree weather It’s not going to be like the coldest it Said it’s gonna get tonight which guys The reason I said we would do 10 camping Tonight is because It’s supposed to be 78 tomorrow and the Coldest it said it was going to get Tonight was going to be 50 degrees [Music] Nice hat Thank you Hold up hold up hold up hold up Yo I’m trying To see Money and time off for our oh it’s stuck In there huh something I’m trying hold On we got one hand sorry I know it’s Okay Something this stuff go let’s see if She’s right there We’re in Oh I can make all the jokes about I know Besides Michael I don’t really think There’s a lot of bugs April first no I Don’t think we’re gonna have an issue [Music] Foreign

[Music] ERS up there Shoot Oh We got my phone huh yeah my Can we move it no it’ll be all right There’s no wind we’ll be good I like living on the Wild Side Can I name it a little forward no Craig If this little guy falls on us that’s Not heavy that’s not gonna hurt you you Know All right Um I would open it up all the way in there First Possibility I don’t know This place It’ll be fine right oh yeah all right Sure you run now [Applause] Those bikes though hmm I saw it was on the ground Baywatch And you ain’t playing It’s dead You didn’t test it I did at home Did you leave it on I don’t know what she was doing It’s not working so Open it up Do you think

Yeah it’s working Tells me he doesn’t have a lot of juice So I have to get it on there now All right start blowing manually It’s gone You can see it going a little bit okay Smokers No Not apparently Cool Look our ghetto camping operation is Less ghetto than normal it might be able To blowing there faster No way We’d pass out remember me trying to pull Up that pool what’s that what are you Trying to walk Stupid herself And that was a hell of a ride in here so Beautiful right West Virginia is just where it’s at with A ride yeah You’re on top of that one yeah All right well this could be a more Pleasant camping experience than I’ve Had in the past it might be Tent camping I love when we’ve stayed in Like cabins and campgrounds yeah you Really don’t like tents Because I don’t like how uncomfortable Sleeping is because you know I can’t Sleep normally Well I feel good that this fit in here I Was worried about that

We don’t test It’s just like our channel is It sound like it’s about to take off Air pump all of a sudden like it’s Working really hard I guess it warmed up Start slow finish hard unless it’s gonna Like Still has a lot more to go Dad’s doing His job [Music] Okay get an uncomfortable position right Now all right so then what we’re gonna Do we’re gonna uh Run back over there get wood and Supplies and then come back and shower Over there I think this way oh yeah all The way over there Yeah put it back on there Huh I feel like I gotta put it back on No it’s good It’s not gonna last Michael before we Can blow it up later I mean you’re not Waiting on it now They get caught in this stupid material It’s the most annoying it’s probably not Not use your hair no it’s like Probably because you better really Should I use This is part of the pull-up makeshift Pillow yeah I brought a pillowcase Stop closing genius Looks like the tent’s about to blow away Should we go inland

It’s just not Perfect but it’s something yeah There It Is We’re camping To take more dirt in your tank Don’t forget to sleep back silly The easy way Yep there you go [Applause] Foreign [Music] Yeah Yeah now where was I Think I lost my beer oh For what pizza what’s on there pizza Yeah Pizza We should have chairs Yeah I get close on fire I can’t see you here let me turn up the Lights Oh my god there you go I’m gonna burn my Face off Oh well Oh You know I feel like people don’t I feel Like people underestimate how much Harder it is To go camping on a motorcycle than in a Car oh yeah because you can bring Oh no Just got hot ooh the pizza’s really hot It’s an interesting flavor Is it a charcoal [Laughter] There she is now you guys can see her

Seems like brick oven It got a little tipsy oh my God it Probably looks so ugly Let’s see if this helps Does that right your face A little bit but it’s okay The pizza is blocking it Oh damn Now I feel like I’m in like Chicago Chicago dude I think that’s enough I think that’s enough You gotta be able to get off that little Bump I think you can handle it Hopefully you all got a good laugh out Of that I’m almost as Terrible at camping as I am at doing Installs and work on my bike Um if you did not see our video a couple Weeks ago go check it out I installed The single bag on the one side of my Bike I have an update on that Saddlemen has like made all of my Motorcycle dreams come true so thank you So so much to settlement thanks Buster For doing all of the things for us and They worked with me to send send me what I need in order to put on my other bags So that’s a little preview we are going To be doing another install video For what they sent me I do not have Everything else that I need yet one of The parts has a significant lead time

Because it’s on back order So that will be happening though before We go cross-country end of July Beginning of August If you’re new here Michael and I will be going on a Cross-country trip this summer we are in The midst for preparing for that I am Trying to save money and time off work And I am looking for folks that would be Interested in sponsoring that trip we’ve Already got some folks on board But it’s going to be a long and costly And [Music] Um exciting trip from the East Coast We’re from Maryland we will be riding All the way to the West Coast riding Down The Pacific Coastal Highway And coming back home In the southern half of the United States we have So many things that we want to see and Do and we want to take you guys along With us so we’ll be doing a long-term Series for that If you guys have things that you would Like to see or if you have suggestions Let us know a lot of people have asked If we’re going to bike weeks this year Because of our cross-country trip we’re Unable to go to as many bike weeks as we Have in the past but we will still be

At Gettysburg we’re going to try to stop At Sturgis on our way across the country And then we will be at Ocean City or Delmarva bike week this year The other thing that we’re going to try To do is have at least one if not two or Three meet and greets or scheduled rides During our cross country trip for those Of you that have followed us for a long Time and are in other parts of the Country that we have not yet had an Opportunity to visit so stay tuned uh Michael and I will be working on a Calendar in the coming months We are also planning to do a local Season opener ride in the next month or So I’m still organizing the details for That one so Stay tuned and we will let you guys know A fair number of you have asked me if You can come riding with us and that is A great opportunity For everyone that would like to ride With us to be able to ride with us Thank you so much for all of your Support thank you for watching our Channel thank you for following our Instagram thank you for buying the Calendar We will have other exciting merch coming Out in the next couple of weeks but we Could not do this thing that we love More than anything in this world we’re Not for y’all’s support so thank you

From the bottom of my heart and until Next time guys ride safe and if you Haven’t already please subscribe [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music]

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