Get Ready for The Ultimate Beach Truck Gathering in 2023: Florida’s Truck Meet-Up on Wheels!

Are you a truck enthusiast with a passion for the beach? Get ready for the ultimate truck gathering in 2023 as Florida hosts its annual Truck Meet-Up on Wheels! This highly anticipated event is a celebration of all things trucks, from classic models to the latest custom designs. With a picturesque beach backdrop and an enthusiastic community of truck lovers, this is a can’t-miss event for anyone who loves horsepower and beach vibes. So mark your calendars and prepare to join the excitement in Florida for one of the biggest truck gatherings of the year!

Get Ready for the Ultimate Beach Truck Gathering in 2023: Florida’s Truck Meet-Up on Wheels!

In 2023, truck lovers across the country can look forward to the first annual Beach Truck Invasion to be held in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. If you’re a fan of lifted trucks, custom builds, side by sides, tractors, bikini contests, and live music, then this meet-up is not to be missed.

The Ultimate Truck Showdown

With the Beach Truck Invasion’s primary focus on trucks of all sizes and shapes, this event is sure to attract truck enthusiasts of all kinds. From standard jacked-up pickup trucks to massive lifted trucks, there is no limit to the type of trucks that will be displayed. This could include show trucks, tractors, and side by sides, making it an event that offers something for everyone.

A Look at the Event

The inaugural Beach Truck Invasion will be held in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and is expected to showcase some mind-blowing trucks. This event is not just about dust, mud, or mountains of steel, but also a lot of glamour when the event hosts a bikini contest. So far, only Instagram model @melanypaigeee has been announced as one of the featured contestants.

The Turnout and Weather

The Beach Truck Invasion’s first edition had a good turnout, with truck enthusiasts from all over the US participating. Despite the weather being bizarre with a raging ocean and low-pressure system off the coast, it didn’t stop anyone from coming, and everyone had a blast.


The Beach Truck Invasion is not just about admiring trucks but also offers great entertainment. In the event’s inaugural edition, popular country artist Dustin Lynch performed live on stage and provided a fantastic show for all attendees.


With the first Beach Truck Invasion held in New Smyrna Beach in 2023, truck enthusiasts from all over the US can now look forward to this great annual truck show on wheels. From trucks of all shapes and sizes to entertainment, the Beach Truck Invasion is the ultimate truck gather. So, if you’re a truck lover, be sure not to miss the next event, promises to impress.

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