[Music] Thank you Good news good news baby welcome the Motorcycle mad house morning Mayhem got China Doll coming up in the second part Of the show and you man you should be Worried man you should be worried about The leading cause of death for us not Sounding too good that coming up in the Second half of the show today It looks like there's a big win coming Out of Las Vegas for the Hell's Angels Seven have been released with no charges According to this news story if you Don't know there was a shooting in uh Las Vegas with the on the freeway with The Hells Angels and the vagos and the FBI or doj whoever was law enforcement Agency they went rounding up everybody And there was a ruling that hey what Charges or how were they involved in This conspiracy with these other uh Members let's take a look here it's a Very interesting Story here This out of Fox News and it's on other Ones as well Seven alleged gang members won't face Charges in Las Vegas Hells Angels Freeway Gunfire case Don't like it alleged gang members They're not facing charges but you know The gang narrative they always throw

That at anybody who's a member of a club Man identified as Hell's Angel members Still face up to 40 years in prison If convicted All right let's see here Seven alleged uh Hell's Angels members Won't face racketeering or gang charges In Los Vegas area freeway shooting That authorities said injured seven People including six rival vagos Motorcycle gang members almost a year Ago a judge decided on this Now Racketeering that is their biggest one That they're going for in this case I guess you can consider this a Predicate but they just round people up That had nothing to do with it is Insanity And basically that's what the judge said In this ruling let's go over to it again Here Clark County District Court Judge Tiara Jones also reduced From 25 to 5 the number of shooting Counts in the case against the Defendants it looks like they got a big Win here Including the Hell's Angels Las Vegas Chapter president Richard DeVries it Goes on to say the court Finds that the indictment does not Specify Which of the defendants engaged in which

Type of criminal activities And further does not include the Specificity of the racketeering crimes Jones wrote her ruling followed a March 31st hearing with attorneys and Defendants in the case Now can you imagine if they had public Defenders because I'm assuming they Don't But a public defender would have never Argued the way somebody who's getting Paid big money would They would have just went along with the Prosecution and that's why I believe in This country you don't get a fair trial When you have a public defender Most of the time all they're trying to Do is get a plea deal out of the uh the Deal here so they don't have to work and Let's admit these people are overworked They are they're overworked but how is That getting a fair trial to the people Who have to use them When you know if you had money you'd be Able to get better legal representation So if they do have a public defender Damn he's on his game but I don't know If that is the case in this one Attorney Richard shodfield represented The breeze said Monday he was pleased The judge quote granted important Aspects of his motion he argued that the Indictment was too broad And should be dismissed or revised

So it looks like he does have a personal Attorney right there Prosecutors Michael dirkison and Michael Allman said they were looking at the Ruling declined immediate comment They could appeal the decision to the Nevada Supreme Court Which I'm probably thinking they're Gonna do Because when prosecutors don't get their Weight that's the first they may do is Appeal oh we were wronged we were Wronged But if the indictment is too broad and You're bringing in all these other People That's just like they Waco deal that Happened in Texas in 2015 They actually had All you had to do was fill in the name On the warrant of people they were Arresting And what happened with that case of all Those people's lives that got ruined of All the people that got arrested There was one mistrial nobody ever Convicted Because of an over How can I say a prick of a D.A and that Was able Reyna Just going out there to make a name for Themselves and ruin people's lives But if they didn't have proper attorneys You would have seen a lot of other stuff

Happening just saying attorneys for the Other defendants didn't did not Immediately respond uh DeVries and the Men uh the men identified as Hell's Angels members are Associates uh let's See here Russell Smith Stephen aloe Camera trick Taylor Rodriguez Aaron Chun And rayon malasco now they're still Facing prosecution on charges including Uh a murder attempted murder Conspiracy to commit battery and assault With weapons he just pleaded not guilty Now I don't understand that one Each could face up to 40 years in prison And the judge instructed prosecutors to Revise the indictment I don't think There should be any second chances in This You should be able you brought the Indictment that's what it is screw the Revisions you screwed up Now I guess there is a hearing that is Still scheduled now they say police said If you don't know what the incident is Uh here all you have to do is look up The archives and stuff it had to do with Uh Highway shooting and you know what Let's admit it man that that's not cool It isn't it's not cool uh the grand jury Doesn't know what a Hells Angel Affiliate individual was shot and that Four boggles members had Firearms Concealed on their Persian he argued the

Prosecutors failed to present Exculpatory evidence that might cast Doubt on the charges they were seeking So basically we're getting into all the Legal mumble jumble right there which it Should and he's right a jury wouldn't Understand what an uh an associate or a Hang around or any of that type of stuff Is because they're not inside the scene They're Pro they probably don't ride and That's one thing I don't understand how Is it you're gonna get a fair trial Among your peers if your peers if you Take it in a literal sense I have nothing to do with the lifestyle Whatsoever So yes an associate or a hangaround or Somebody that's a supporter these people Are not going to understand What the hell is going on as far as a Jury and that kind of puts you know the Defendants in a bad position if you Really think about it Just saying anyway we're gonna go to the Second half of the show right now don't Forget to like And subscribe also go Over to insane Wheels man got some good Stuff uh talk about nothing but Motorcycles over there baby no club Stuff none of that good stuff but anyway We'll be right back after this rock on Friday at 9 20 a.m Central Standard Time Your membership in the throttle Club Helps keep the show going strong the

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