How a Biker Club Helped Stop Bullying

My name is Phillip, William Mick and I’m from Auburn Indiana ( bicycle bell rings ). I was getting bullied ever since second grade third grade fourth grade and fifth grade. They were teasing on me picking on me and all that It was getting really bad and I thought this might need to be fixed. (, motorcycle engine noise, ) (, piano, music ). I was getting bullied for many years.

People started cursing at me, cause they’re wearing all rich stuff and I’m just wearing cheap stuff cause. My parents can’t afford the rich stuff. They were calling me fatso cause of my weight. My mom had had enough of it. She stepped in talked with Brett, and he helps me by getting all these bikers together.

To help me. Stop the bullying

I’m Brett Warfield, director of United Motorcycle Enthusiasts
We ride together and help support our local communities. Do charity work We ride to do good, It’s a brotherhood, That’s what it’s about Get along. Instead of being hateful
Get along with people, You got ta love everybody Exactly. It started.

On the first day of school, We met at a restaurant
50 Bikers were there.

The bikers took me to school to support and tell all those people that bullying isn’t cool and you should stop it And instead of saying it, they showed it Good for you, man Now you want to know something. We all love.

You we want you to know that They only thought that a few people would understand, but actually there’s tons of people Now, there’s a lot of kids. Who wants to be my friends? It just relieves all of my feelings and all of that It was my first time on a motorcycle
It felt like I was flying: ( music gets louder, ) Me and Brett are trying to stop bullying, because many kids think that the bully’s, the big guy, but really the big guy, is actually you

Pay attention to your children, Teach your kids empathy, Open, you’re heart up; See how you would feel Love is the answer.

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