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How Does inView Attach to a Helmet?

Hi, my name is Jeff, Piersall and I’m here with third eye design to talk about our in View wireless brake and turn signal light.

One of the questions we had asked it shows is, can this light be moved from helmet to helmet? The Answer Is Yes,

This Light Is Held On By 3M Dual Lock That Allows You To Easily Move It From One Helmet To Another. So If You’re Riding Alone, It’s On Your Helmet. If You’re Riding With Someone, You Pop It Off And Put It On Their Helmet. If You Have Multiple Helmets, You Can Easily Switch It Between Any Helmet You Want To Ride With That Day. The Installation Kit Comes With Two Mounts, So You Have One For Your Helmet And A Second Helmet Or Passengers Helmet. You Can Also Purchase Additional Mounts On Our Website.

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Basic City Riding Safety Tips

Driving a bike is fun. But with our roadways getting more crowded everyday, there are a great deal of risks associated with riding a bike. But if one takes note of a few precaution, riding a bike will certainly be simpler. So, what are the fundamental city riding safety suggestions as well as what are the points to remember while riding a bike?

How to Handle the Bike in a Curve

You are riding down a roadway and as you get in a contour you really feel as if you are going also quick and blowing up. What should you do? Right here are a couple of suggestions to deal with a bike in a contour. As a lot of the mishaps occur on curves, it is very important to practice managing the bike in such scenarios. A beginner or unskilled cyclist will certainly get into difficulty at a curve, if not cautious. As a newbie cyclist comes close to a turn most will instinctively look straight in all the stationary items around such as a tree or guard rail which will certainly provide the sensation that the motorcyclist is being available in too quick, subsequently triggering a panic circumstance.

Important and Useful Tips on Night Riding for Bikes

A whole lot of commuters need to manage riding in the night. Riding a bike in the night can be fairly unsafe also for the most knowledgeable rider. The reduced lights on the road and also the high light beams originating from the various other automobiles are several of the few reasons for the majority of the mishaps that occur during the night. And to include in that, bikers have to deal with the exhaustion hit motorists when driving. Yet if you take a few safety and security measures, then evening riding can be as secure as riding throughout the day.

Points to Consider While Buying a Bike – Tips on Buying a New Bike

Purchasing a brand-new lorry, be it a bike or auto, is an important choice. Though bikes have become more of a need than a luxury than ever, the acquiring decision has not end up being any type of much less complex. In fact, buying the perfect bike has come to be more challenging than in the past, thanks to the several choices available in the market. As there is no dearth of motorbikes out there, it makes a common sense to check out all your options and make practical choices prior to really getting one.

4 Master Tricks to Protect Your Motorcycle’s Paint

It is very easy to own a motorcycle. Yet maintaining your bike’s look needs to do even more than just going for a ride. Protecting your bike’s outsides will figure out exactly how your bike will look in the long term. Your motorbike takes a serious beating as it has to stay outdoors at all times. As the shade of the paint on the bike fades, the bike does lose its luster ultimately. Regardless of the sophisticated paint technologies utilized on the bike, nature does take a toll in the long run.

How to Keep Your Bike Rust-Free in the Monsoons – Monsoon Maintenance

When gale comes finally knocking at your door, your bike rides do take a rear seats. Undoubtedly, all the bike owners intend to maintain their vehicles far from any harm from wetness and among the factors stressing them is corrosion. Riding in rainfalls can result in rusting of bike parts, but a couple of mindful actions can solve your problem of rusting effortlessly. A bike will certainly need extra interest in this season as compared to various other periods.

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