Is KTM’s Unfinished Project back in the Shop with AMSOIL ADAM?

Is KTM’s Unfinished Project back in the Shop with AMSOIL ADAM?


Hey there, folks! We’re back in the shop with another update on our ongoing project with Talon’s KTM. As you might remember, we encountered a major setback when the engine failed. Initially, we suspected that the clutch was to blame, but it turned out to be a mistake in oil drainage. So, let’s dive right into the latest developments and see where we stand!

Unraveling the Mystery:

When we first took a look at Talon’s KTM, we were convinced that the clutch was the culprit behind the engine failure. However, upon closer inspection, we discovered that it was actually a mistake in oil drainage that had caused the problem. It goes to show that sometimes even the most experienced mechanics can be thrown off by unexpected twists and turns!

Tackling the Transmission:

In order to rectify the issue, we had to pull the engine out to repair the transmission. Now, let us tell you, this was no easy feat. We encountered difficulties while trying to remove the flywheel without a special puller. It goes to show that sometimes even the best-laid plans can run into unforeseen challenges. Nonetheless, we persevered and found a way to proceed with the repairs.

Unavailability of Essential Tools:

Now, here’s where our progress hit a roadblock. As we mentioned earlier, removing the flywheel without a special puller wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the necessary tool at hand, which meant that we couldn’t continue with the repairs. It was quite frustrating, to say the least. We explored various options, but the tool simply wasn’t available.

A Pause in the Project:

To make matters worse, Talon had to leave for a personal event, and our schedule was packed with other projects. Given the circumstances, we had no choice but to put the KTM project on hold. It was a disappointing setback, but we knew that we had to prioritize our workload. We assured Talon that we would resume the repairs as soon as time permitted.

Back in Action:

Now, after several weeks, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re back in the shop and ready to continue with the repairs on Talon’s KTM. We’ve been eagerly waiting for the special puller, and it’s finally arrived! The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived, and we can’t wait to get back to work and get Talon’s bike up and running again.


There you have it, folks! We’ve shared the rollercoaster journey of our unfinished project with Talon’s KTM. From the engine failure to the unexpected twist in the diagnosis, we’ve faced numerous challenges along the way. However, we never gave up, and now we’re back in action with the necessary tool in hand. We’re determined to complete the repairs and deliver the bike to Talon in top-notch condition. Stay tuned for more updates on our adventure with Talon’s KTM and the AMSOIL ADAM!

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