Micro DOT half helmet unboxing and review: No more “mushroom head”!

Micro DOT half helmet

Is a Hard Tail Frame Right for Your Motorcycle?

Selection of a structure for your motorcycle or custom chopper is crucial to just how you want your trip to do. This post talks about the hard tail structure to assist you in your decision-making.

Forget the Bike and Accessorize Yourself with Harley Davidson Clothing

After you have acquired your invaluable Harley-Davidson, it is now time not to think of changing it. Your Harley-Davidson has its own picture of toughness and also ruggedness as well as would not require any type of modification. What should you be believing of is just how to match yourself to the bike and not vice versa.

Harley Davidson Clothes

When you find out about “Harley-Davidson motorcyclist”, what is the very first thing that involves your mind? Although this might produce numerous various solutions, the majority of you would claim: “A bearded man putting on a black natural leather jacket, black natural leather trousers, a set of leather boots, black headgear as well as a puffed up tummy.” Right?

Looking For Motorcycle Helmets For Women

Are you searching for ladies’s motorcycle safety helmets? Prior to you do your search, you need to recognize what makes them various from the men’s. First of all, a lot of women’s motorbike helmets are made as a little smaller sized than your average men’s motorcycle helmets. The styles are made to match the tastes of the women to provide more allure. Yet every one of these ought to not remove the defense that such safety helmets must provide.

Motorcycle Directional Thrust Pusher Motor

Let’s claim you own a state-of-the-art crotch rocket Japanese Race Bike and also indeed we all know the statistics; 4.0 seconds to sixty miles per hr; 165 miles per hour at redline in sixth gear and we likewise understand it can go means faster if it had 2 more gears and also we understand your following bike will. Okay I obtained all that currently and hey, I am with you. Certainly put on a helmet.

Motorcycle Rider Balance for High Speed Turns

For those who own or race road bikes you understand that the cyclist turns into one with the bike and with each other you make those high-speed turns. However what takes place when you leave the ground? No I am not speaking about going off the high cliff near the Rock Shop in the Canyons over Malibu, CA, what I am suggesting actually is turning our bike into an airplane.

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