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Motor Monday – The 2021 Raffle Bike | 1948 Harley-Davidson Panhead

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The Optimal Way to Turn Right

I’m typically examined by chauffeurs coming from all experience levels why it is a lot more difficult to execute a right-hand U -turn than a left-hand U-turn. Prior to I address that inquiry, why do not we ensure you recognize the correct technique of creating a U-turn using a side street, that’s normally 24′ broad.

Capture Every Moment As You Ride Your Bike With a Lightweight Video Camera

From this age of Facebook and also YouTube ordering video clip footage of your cross country flight to show to the world now is a life-style. Most of us have tried all kind of video webcams consisting of the a lot more small, though not High def Replay XD and also maintain coming back to the a little bigger XD1080.

That Guy On The Scooter Is Saving Big Bucks I’d Say

A few days ago, I was resting on the patio at Starbucks, and some individual from our golf club drove up on one of those new amazing looking mopeds. Initially, I assumed it was electrical because it was very peaceful, however it ended up being fuel powered, and also as I later on spoke to the gent he told me it obtained 65 miles to the gallon or even more depending on exactly how heavy handed he got on the throttle giving it gas as he started and stopped from intersections.

Motorcyclists Encouraged to Stay Safe This Summer

The city of Long Beach is motivating motorcycle motorcyclists to take extra precautions this summertime. Summer season shows a rise in auto crashes, specifically for motorcyclists.

Are You Ready for Premium?

Do you like the means I’ve tested you’re REQUIRED for a premium helmet right in the title? First things first, ALL HEADGEARS ARE SAFE as long as they have a DOT sticker label. I’ve said it a thousand times, and it still applies today. Incidentally, that’s a DOT sticker ONLY safety helmet.

Two Wheeled Vehicles – Choose Your Size And Power Settings Wisely

Recently, I was remaining on the patio at Starbucks, and also a young gal from Japan who is in college examining in the USA drove up on a 500 cc bike. She was a tiny thing, really skinny and healthy, as well as the motorcycle looked like it had means way too much power for such a little gal to be driving. It didn’t bother her any kind of, and also she dealt with the crotch-rocket fairly well, and apparently this is rather usual in Japan. All the men standing around assumed it was concerning the coolest thing they ever before saw when she removed her headgear and waved her hair – “it’s a chick, alright!”

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