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History of the Suzuki A50 Motorcycle

The Suzuki A50 (1971 – 76) was a basic concept to create a 49cc clone of their immensely popular A 100 traveler bike. That 100cc bike had actually confirmed to be highly preferred as a fundamental, trustworthy trip around community. Suzuki maintained the A 100 frame as well as specs as they were, just replacing the engine.

About Installing a LED Kit on Your Motorcycle

The LED motorbike package is coming to be significantly preferred also as even more motorbike owners look for brand-new ways of personalizing their bikes for both useful as well as visual charm objectives. By mounting such an LED package it is possible to absolutely transform the look of your motorcycle and you are bound to attract great deals of stares from admirers. The face-lift of your bike will certainly function its magic on you too and also you’ll be extra anxious to head off for the next flight.

Women Motorcycle Riders – A Growing Segment

Around twenty years ago, females bike bikers started to turn into a major segment of complete bikers. Now we are seeing devices and also bikes specifically customized to the female cyclist. We’ll talk about several of the background behind this pattern.

History of the Suzuki A100 Motorcycle

The Suzuki A100 remained in numerous methods the normal motorbike being generated by the Japanese in the last 1960s and also very early ’70s. It was little, prudent with petrol, as well as typically quite dependable. The A100 was also a struck with travelers trying to find a comfortable, cost-effective trip.

Motomarathon Combines The Best of Motorcycle Riding and Sightseeing

Are you interested in a new sporting activity that allows you to ride your motorbike with close friends and browse through certain websites in the process? Motomarathon was developed to combine long distance riding with going to checkpoints, and it’s coming to be the latest trend among motorcyclists.

The History of the Suzuki ASS 100 Motorcycle

One of 2 special variants of the prominent Suzuki A100 bike, the Suzuki ASS100 was created in 1969 as a performance-oriented little motorbike. The initial Suzuki A100 was very basic traveler bike, under-powered but with sufficient efficiency for day-to-day riding. It was a significant success around the globe and also some Asian business still create near-exact duplicates of the Suzuki A100.

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