My Mexican Bodyguard | Motorbike Ride | On my Harley Davidson

I leave Death valley on my Road King and ride one of the best canyon rides ever on my Harley Davidson as I make my way back to Los Angeles.
I pick up my bodyguard who will escort me into Mexico ! But he doesn’t even have a motorbike, we have to try and get one !!

Today I’m heading into Mexico which makes me a little bit nervous. I’ve done my research um basically says not to go there I’m gonna go there anyway I’m gonna try and be as low-key as I can and I sort of know the areas to stay away from. Hey there’s a helicopter it’s a chopper coming hope they’re not after me the hazards are working I’m not trouble for that how cool they’ve been coming to rescue me it’s a navy how cool is that America.

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I love it let’s go stop it have a break says it’s great burgers here I doubt that very much we can see if we’re actually on our way to Los Angeles that’s what we can do so it’s telling me that LA’s only three and a half hours away starting route to Los Angeles okay let’s keep going three and a half hour ride plenty of fuel might get me all the way there but just gonna walk around the bike check for oil leaks nothing bike’s looking good let’s go this ride I’m doing now is one of the greatest rides I’ve ever done in my life the temperature the bike the handling with the Wilma suspension the road conditions the scenery no traffic I mean this is the dream this is living the F-ing dream!

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