Myrtle Beach Bike Week, Slow rainy Wednesday !

Well, good morning YouTube. Hi, guys! It is Wednesday morning, and, uh, we’ve got bikes on the lifts now. The red one right here, it was a scheduled appointment. And if you guys didn’t know, we have the ability now, if you go to the website and you want to make an appointment during the rally, you can do so right from the website. I believe it takes the $50 deposit. It holds your spot. You can also put in there exactly what products you want so that we’re prepared for you when we get here. You get here, sorry. It’s in the trike light over here that came in as a Supreme Service, just a walking customer, but we got them in right away and got them taken care of them. All right, guys, on this one, we put on the flat black cool master. Looks really good on this bike. This is the same time. Well, guys, as of right now, the weather is quite nice out. I saw some sprinkles on these skylight windows in Goliath when I was getting dressed this morning, so I know it did sprinkle a little bit, but everything’s dry. But the threat of rain is coming in. I believe today and possibly some tomorrow. I haven’t actually checked recently, and you know how the weather is. It changes every 20 minutes.

Subject: Recap of the Day and Tomorrow’s Forecast

Hi there!

I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to send you a quick email to recap today’s events and share some thoughts about tomorrow. Here’s a breakdown of what happened:

In yesterday’s video, I mentioned that we weren’t setting our hopes too high for today. However, if we could at least match last year’s sales, I would be happy. You never know, we might even have another night where we experience a little early rush. Our crew was busy putting LEDs on a nice-looking Road Glide, which was lifted up on the bike stand. It’s always exciting to see the transformations!

We made a stop at the Beaver Bar once again because it seems that some of our other deliveries were mistakenly sent there. While at Myrtle Beach, we had a visit from Maya, a reporter from the local Myrtle Beach affiliate Channel News 13. She interviewed me, so if you’re interested, check out their station for the quick interview. Maya also took some stock footage of our site, which I feel honored about. It’s great to receive some Myrtle Beach coverage!

Around noon, we fired up the engines and got ready for the day. Carson and Mary Gracer were here, ready to wash bikes and make them look beautiful, just like those foreign ones from Pennsylvania.

Later on, we encountered something called “Shot get a t-shirt incinerator” or something like that. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I bet it tastes good!

The weather took a turn, and by 4:30 in the afternoon, the skies were not looking promising. It appeared that we were in for some rain. We checked the weather app, and there seemed to be a small cell heading our way. Although it wouldn’t be significant, it could hit us hard for a short period of time. We prepared for the rain and saw some vendors quickly tearing down their pop-ups. Storms can be tough on those temporary structures.

And just like that, the rain arrived. It poured heavily, but we couldn’t help but feel excited. We were so close to reaching our sales goal for the day. Just when we thought it was all lost, a customer called and said they would be arriving in about an hour. That sale would put us right where we needed to be. So, all hope wasn’t lost just yet.

The rain eventually subsided, and the curtains went back up. The sun peeked out, and the skies started showing patches of blue. Maybe we could salvage a bit more from the day. Surprisingly, even during the rain, one customer brought in their motorcycle for service. They figured, why not get an oil change while it’s raining? We always strive to provide excellent service, rain or shine.

Unfortunately, despite the rain clearing up, we didn’t have many customers coming in. Besides the person who came before the rain, it was quiet. Looking across the parking lots, it appeared that other businesses had closed up as well. It seemed like there were concerts down at Suck Bang Blow tonight, drawing away most of the traffic. So, it was about quarter to eight, and we decided to give it another 15 minutes. If nothing significant happened, we would close up shop at eight o’clock. Working late isn’t our preference, but sometimes that’s just how it goes.

At 8:01, it was time to shut down. Most of the day’s activity had passed, and other businesses were closing their curtains too. So, we considered ourselves closed for the day. We finished up with the bike on the lift, and then we dropped our curtains as well.

battery back to life

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