Nomadic Fanatic Goes To Daytona Bike Week

Hello dearies it’s me Agnes Smith Nomadic Fanatics number one fan in this Video Eric finally gets to attend bike Week at Daytona exciting let’s watch hi Guys check these hotties out have you Seen my channel ladies yeah I’m a YouTube celebrity just down here riding My Harley I own two by the way that blue Harley over there is mine at first I Named it barley the Harley but I went With Bud lightning instead Isn’t that Cool wow I got the coolest bike I bet Nothing can happen in the future to take Away from how cool it is All this sensory overload is making me Hungry gotta get my burgie infusion oh Wow a wet t-shirt contest yeah these 40 Year old women with jelly rolls are real Sexy yeah you’re beautiful My eyes are on fire I gotta get out of Here Okay I’ve had enough for one day let’s Go back to the kitties Opie Dopey I just Love you Tara I could just squeeze the [ __ ] out of you bye guys Oh my little Eric Pooh was the star of Bike week he got to show off his big boy Bike Bud lightning and felt like a real Man standing four inches shorter to just About every woman he met there have a Blessed day oh Darius for nomadic Fanatics number one fan be sure to like And subscribe [Music]

My Boogie [Music] Okay I think that’s enough

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