Pack of bikers lead deputies on high speed chase

[Music] Thank you What's up everyone hi guys Gales doing Welcome the motorcycle mad house morning Mayhem China Doll coming up in the Second half of the show you're never Gonna guess what we got going on in the Second half of the show man four reasons Why men might hate their wives oh my God I think this one's gonna blow up on me Ooh she ain't gonna like this one anyway Today for the love of God and everything That is Holy Stop calling these people bikers We don't approve of this nonsense and of Course it is stuck in the media when it Comes to this kind of story but it looks Like atviers and dirt bike riders have Been causing chaos down in Florida and Again we don't support these damn things Stop putting a biker label on them They're not even motorcycle enthusiasts Now I wonder about the state of mind With these people yes they're youngins They're young kids and stuff and I do Admit there's not a lot of places to Ride these ATVs and dirt bikes at there Has to be more places for them to ride But to ride like a bunch of bean bats And ass monkeys and meatballs doesn't Help your cause now I guess what happens Is they swarm okay they meet at a place And start causing all kinds of Havoc Next thing you know they're on the road

And you're like what the hell is going On here And the cops start chasing them So we got a video of that chase and I Guess there was one arrested now you got To admit they're smart when there's more Than just one or two people and you got A pack of them the cops ain't gonna Catch you everywhere the problem is Technology people Especially up in Florida and California They got them helicopters up there you Can't get away from them Unbelievable so let's take a look at This video chase a car club Meetup from The sky deputies say they put countless Lives in danger as they sped down McGregor Boulevard doing burnouts and Donuts but they didn't all get away we Have NBC two who's Mercedes Martinez Live at Gulf Pointe Square Plaza on San Carlos Boulevard where nearby workers Are fed up with these Rowdy racers Take a look at these tire marks deputies Say they're from dozens of drivers on Dirt bikes and four-wheelers now workers At this Plaza tell me this is a popular Spot for Rowdy car meetups and they Worry that someone is going to get hurt For people like us who work here at These businesses we need to be careful That something more serious doesn't Occur such as running someone over this Is what Margarita Gonzalez is talking

About watch as Lee County deputies Chase Two dozen drivers on dirt bikes and ATVs Down McGregor Boulevard lcso says a Group started here at the Gulf Pointe Square Plaza doing donuts and burnouts It's right next to the laundromat where Gonzalez Works cars like you see in the Movie Fast and the Furious deputies say The group spilled onto the main road Still doing burnouts running red lights And speeding they told us when they Tried to pull them over Saturday night They all took off they might hit someone By accident just walking around it got So dangerous deputies on the ground Stopped chasing them but alciuso's Chopper was able to follow one of the Suspected writers home 22 year old Alexis Flores it's a lot of younger Gentlemen and unfortunately they fail to See the consequences lcso says Flores Tried to hide his bike inside his house The deputies found it once they got a Search warrant and arrested him it's Almost during the weekends like Friday And Saturday Gonzalez says these groups Meet up often they come and drive around Here through the back all the way around And begin the races Gonzalez told me she And other workers are constantly worried Something bad will happen to them or Their business I wouldn't be surprised If I hear that one of them actually runs Into one of those storefronts there and

They unfortunately have to deal with That Flores was charged with reckless Driving and running from law enforcement Among other things he's out of jail on a Thirteen thousand dollar Bond numb Skulls every one of them did you see That stuff they got like thermal and Stuff like that it's like damn man you Ain't getting away from nothing nowadays They send up drones and helicopters That's some messed up stuff it's like Damn man what happened to good old days Man where you just had to worry about Him being on a CB Radio and on their Radios now you got stuff in the air and All that kind of stuff you know around Here they actually habit where you pass Through a section of road where it says You're under surveillance from the air With speeding tickets Messed ah There is no privacy anymore none Whatsoever Now in this case it was pretty cool that They caught a guy because he makes us All look stupid because the media keeps On using this biker language And how many times you got to tell him It's not a biker They don't listen though they're Meatballs that's the media It's just like trying to tell them that A club ain't a gang They don't want to listen

They want to put it out there to see how Much they can get for their advertisers Man But this next story is pretty cool if You ask me It's about motorcycle safety And some of the things that you want to Look for especially now that riding Season is finally Upon Us in the North And yes I'm always jealous of the ones Down south and uh out west when I went Down to Florida in January I was like oh This is like heaven riding a motorcycle In the middle of wintertime but us up North It's finally coming soon And this video talks about some of the Stuff that you're going to want to do Check on your bike to make sure you're Safe for the riding season Me I'm one of them guys I don't care if I have an oil change right before Putting it up In the springtime I get the oil changed And stuff I look at the nuts and bolts Do a pre-trip inspection I say anytime You ride you want to do a pre-trip Inspection So this is a pretty cool one take a look At this for motorcycle crashes Maya May Talked with local experts about why and How we can all Ride Safer during Peak Riding season Riding a motorcycle is meant to be fun

But experts say safety needs to always Come first when you first start writing For the new season make sure that you're Checking your brakes checking your oil Checking your tires Making sure your your steering Mechanisms are working fine the post Commander president for the Toledo Buffalo Soldier motorcycle club says a Working bike is a safe bike so make sure The maintenance is up to date I put my Bike in the shop at the beginning of the Season to make sure that they go over Everything if something needs to be Fixed fixed or something needs to be Replaced my tires and so forth and so on So I can have a an added good riding Season and while talking to the Buffalo Soldier about riding safely he told us That you should remember to wear your Protective gear which includes your Helmet your gloves a jacket long sleeves And riding boots it's just the way we we Ride and spreading that message somebody Can look at us and go oh they're they're Riding safely and Sergeant Ryan purpura With Ohio's Highway Patrol says the Number of crashes this spring have Already begun to rise since the start of Spring Crossing there's been over 200 Crashes involving motorcycles um so That's really one remind motor Especially now is the weather starts to Really turn nice to be able to look out

For those motorcycles Any crash in our Railways is one crash Too many Motors can keep cyclists safe By checking blind spots give Riders Extra time to clear intersections keep a Distance between your car and the rider And following the posted speed I tell You what the Buffalo Soldiers are some Kick ass people man they are out there All the time helping their Community out They really love Community uh service They really and I'm not talking about The the type you get when you get out of Jail or something like that I'm talking About really helping their Community out And that's a lot of good tips for people Because a lot of people in North don't Think about that kind of stuff they say Okay you know everything looks good blah Blah blah when it really isn't That's just like like up north and I Don't know if you know this trick but When you store a bike for the winter you Better be putting in a rag or something In them pipes Because little Tom and Jerry over there My you know Jerry especially is gonna Want to crawl up in those pipes and next Thing you know you have a big ass Problem so especially if you keep it out In the garage that's detached from the House or if you keep it in a barn or Something them rodents are going to want To get in there and keep their little

Ass warm then play Given rat things man But anyway good stuff this uh segment Again if you want to listen to the full Uh podcast you can on Spotify all the Good stuff we're gonna go to the second Part of the show right now it's gonna be A damn good show and uh Hollywood's Probably gonna be in the doghouse the Rest of the day I always find myself in a doghouse all The time with China Doll it's unreal I Can't even speak and I'm in a doghouse I'm under the doghouse probably in this One we'll be right back Toronto members only club on YouTube or Spotify and receive exclusive content Monday through Friday at 9 20 a.m Central Standard Time your membership in The throttle Club helps keep the show Going strong the motorcycle mad house Morning Show Now streaming over on Rumble and YouTube Monday through Friday At 8 15 a.m Central Standard Time tune In Mondays live at 7 pm Central Standard Time on YouTube for the madhouse Monday Night Raw with Hollywood and Marco grab A beer or some wacky tobacca and sit Back and plus the gun subscribe to China Dolls Piper pit to get your dose of the World according to China Doll real and Honest opinions on what's happening in The world today join the queen Viper and Take a Walk on the Wild Side of Life on Chinatown wiper pit on YouTube