Planning for Sturgis 2023: A Powerful Message to Those Who Doubt

Planning for Sturgis 2023: A Powerful Message to Those Who Doubt


Hey there, fellow riders! Are you excited for Sturgis 2023? I know I am! In this article, I want to address all of you – my loyal fans, my haters, and even YouTube themselves. Let’s dive in and discuss the issues I’m facing with YouTube and the videos I want to put out.

The YouTube Dilemma

Heading: The Content Creator Addresses the Viewers

Sub-heading: Loyal Fans and Haters

First and foremost, I want to shout out to all my loyal fans who have been supporting me since day one. Your love and encouragement mean the world to me. I understand that not all of you are going to agree with my content, and that’s okay. Let’s agree to disagree and keep the community positive and uplifting.

To my haters, I hear you too. I know there are some of you who don’t appreciate the direction I’ve taken with my channel. That’s totally fine. I respect your opinion, and if my content doesn’t resonate with you anymore, I understand if you choose to leave. Just remember, there’s a whole world of content out there – find something that brings you joy.

Sub-heading: YouTube’s Role in the Matter

Now, let’s talk about YouTube. As creators, we rely on this platform to share our passions, connect with others, and build a community. YouTube has been the driving force behind many successful careers, and they have the power to amplify our voices. But sometimes, it feels like they don’t fully understand our struggles.

The Issue at Hand

Heading: The Video Dilemma

Sub-heading: Short Highlight Reel Videos

Recently, I’ve been facing some hurdles with YouTube regarding the length of my videos. I’ve been using a program in iMovie to create short highlight reel videos that capture the essence of the events I attend, including Sturgis. These videos are fast-paced, energetic, and highly engaging. And you know what? YouTube approves of them!

Sub-heading: Viewer Dissatisfaction

However, it has come to my attention that some of my viewers aren’t thrilled with these shorter videos. They feel like they’re missing out on the longer, in-depth content that they’ve grown accustomed to. And you know what? I understand that. But here’s the thing: the highlight reel videos are just an additional form of content I’m offering. They’re meant to complement the longer videos, not replace them.

The Solution in Sight

Heading: Submitting for Manual Review

Sub-heading: Ensuring Video Approval

To address this issue, I’ve decided to submit my videos for manual review before uploading them. This way, I can assure that they meet YouTube’s guidelines while still providing you with a glimpse of the incredible experiences I have at events like Sturgis. Manual review adds an extra step, but it’s a necessary process to continue providing you with quality content.

A Message to YouTube

Heading: A Plea to Reconsider

Sub-heading: The Impact on Creators and Revenue

Dear YouTube, please reconsider your actions. By suppressing creators’ ability to share diverse content, you’re not only hurting us but also your own revenue. Our channels contribute to the success of the platform, and by stifling our creativity, you’re potentially driving viewers away. Your algorithm may be powerful, but it’s essential to remember that human connection and authenticity have a significant impact on audience engagement.


In conclusion, my dear riders, I want to thank you for your unwavering support throughout this journey. Sturgis 2023 is just around the corner, and I can’t wait to bring you along for the ride. Remember, change is a part of life, and adapting to new circumstances is what keeps us moving forward. Let’s embrace these changes together and make Sturgis 2023 the best one yet!

Heading: Ride on, my friends!

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