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S2 EP11: Motorcycle Group Riding Part 2 – Big Bird Riding In The Rain

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In This Episode of Biker Life Radio with the Chuck & Deb Show the group ride continues. http://www.chuckndebshow.com – Harley Davidson Rider Coach Deb provides some tips on riding in a group. That is is she can remember TCLOCS. Listen to find out the story behind Big Bird.

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Motorcycles and Brain Injuries

Motorcycles can be a terrific deal of fun nonetheless, it is crucial to bear in mind that bikes can be hazardous. It is very important to be careful when operating or riding with somebody who is running a motorcycle. A solid bike safety helmet need to be worn in any way times while operating a motorcycle. A tough helmet can help secure an individual from major head injury if in reality a mishap does take place. Bikes as well as brain injuries do not always have to go hand in hand.

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