Joins us live and Bree you and I are Really familiar with that area down There I'm sure it was busy on a Saturday Night you haven't talked to Witnesses Who heard and saw that shooting That's right Elise we are on Henry Street where Fort Myers police did Confirm that shooting took place last Night Fort Myers police also did tell me That no one is in custody for the Shooting however when I was speaking to People who saw the shooting they some Told me that they weren't surprised However some told me it left them Traumatized Yeah it was terrorizing terrorizing is How Joelle petta fish a visitor of Downtown Fort Myers describes what he Witnessed Saturday night after hearing What he calls random gunshots ringing Out in downtown Fort Myers and I'm just Getting tired of all this shooting I mean I don't know what to do Fort Myers police confirming the shooting With Fox 4 and stating it was an Altercation between two groups that led