Staff Rides – Hear the story behind Kris’ 1950 WL

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Bike Talks: Her Bobber’s Story

Jaimie Kangas, holds and rides this gleaming and challenging framed Sportster, tailored by her spouse from Twisted Choppers, Jason who is a professional in signature style bikes, rebuilt this bike from the ground up. This is only Jaimie’s second customized made motorbike. Her very first was actually a radically-raked stiff bike, which Jason additionally built for her.

Motorbike Safety: Insights On Why We Should Not Drive Intoxicated

With some researches assessing, roughly 50 % originating from all bike crashes relate to alcohol, talking regarding the main problem is nevertheless vital. Almost as much as everybody like to drive in completely dry, terrific, weather, we’re really mosting likely to talk about a different kind of kind of completely dry riding, a person totally free of liquor.

Bike Standard Safety: How to Avoid Mishaps on the Streets

Lately, I discovered somewhere that 99% of the accidents many cyclists get associated with are feasible to avoid. Although that may appear rather tough to assume, it may not be much of an overstatement additionally. Let’s have a look at the most regular motorcycle crash: the kind that generally takes place one more vehicle goes against your path. This generally occurs as soon as you involve a crossway and also a car or truck turns left in front of you.

H-D Revisited: Motorcycle Adapted for Armed Forces Use

Harley-Davidson debuted its 45″ (750cc), 4 camshaft, 45-degree V-twins (identified 45) in 1929 and formally called this style the DL. This motorcycle consists of a vertical generator that’s driven by a helical equipment.

Keeping Your Tires Ready and Safe for the Road

I initially found this product from a buddy I met at a bike convention. A number of other items as well as quick solutions have gotten on the market for several years, yet the tire protection system separates itself by giving these included benefits: tire securing in the case of a puncture, longer tire life expectancy, decrease of road trembles, tire balance.

Motorcycle Talks: Use a Bike and Help Nature

The phrase “carbon footprint” has actually located its way into our everyday presence, nonetheless only few understand what it suggests. (Practically all understand it as something linked to the earth, crossbreed autos, and also Al Gore.) Mainly, carbon footprint is the level of injury you do to nature with any kind of choice you make.

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