All day [Music] What's up everyone how you guys Gales Doing welcome to the show don't forget That second part of the show coming up With China Doll anyway I wanted to talk About the three things that the bigger Top five clubs have in common and this Is kind of like an extension of what I Was talking about yesterday as far as The things that really could bring down The top clubs And I really believe in this Segment if you will because These are three major things that they Do have in common next Monday or Monday If you will I'm gonna start a series about the Australian bikie laws how they came About did a U.S law enforcement have a Hand in helping them out any of these So-called experts We got to get educational here Sorry to say we got to get educational We got to educate the general public not Only MC members But the General Public On the information that they're Receiving And you're gonna say Hollywood Biker News you always covered a bad and Here is how I look at it Yes you gotta cover the bad you have to Identify the problem

To find a solution To that problem But my main effort is going to be to try To do this in conjunction with Biker News and stuff and uh hopefully there'll Be some change man because you know what I believe bikers are smart I believe bikers know how to maneuver When they need to And after this stuff in Georgia I think It's time to maneuver a little bit I think a summit a conference whatever With the big leaders coming together Sitting at that table And acknowledging if that doesn't happen Then there could be some real issues With law enforcement So what's the three things Every single one of the top five Motorcycle clubs Have this in common They have numbers that are ex-military That serve together That defended this country Maybe fought alongside each other In that 20-year war that we had in Afghanistan Iraq and even before then So there is that Bond of Brotherhood Through service They all share that They all have it That has to account for something That was the Brotherhood That they craved is it not

They craved the Brotherhood when they Got out of the service and they found it In motorcycle clubs So that's one thing that they all have Common Mongols Hells Angels pagans Outlaws band Beatles and you'll probably say well why You only talking about the top five Clubs because they're the biggest They're the ones that usually shape What's going on in the scene and you Might not agree with me which is cool we Need to debate this But they are the biggest ones worldwide So if they set an example Hopefully the rest will follow But having brothers that served in the Army Navy Air Force Marines Coast Guard You know that Brotherhood Tried to find it within the club scene The second thing that they have All in common Every single one of these clubs have in Common That's motorcycles Without the motorcycle there isn't a Motorcycle club So obviously Everybody wanted the ride they wanted to Get into the wind They wanted freedom And most important they wanted to live Life the way they wanted to live That's what they have in common every

Single one of them So there's more in common so far than Not in common right or wrong Pushed the politics away Push the disagreements away Blank slate They all love motorcycles They all love the party They all love going out there giving the Finger to a government that hates them Common Enemy No Logical to me Hopefully it's logical to you Depending on what part of the country You're in Was the country or the county state Whatever that a dominant was in Chicago AOA B and W That's The area I was from One of the best and biggest one Percenter clubs out there and I truly Believe that still to this day Hard-working people Raising their kids Putting food on the table That's Chicago the same thing is Happening Where the other clubs are Texas California New Jersey East Coast they all do the Same thing They go to work

They put food on the table and take care Of their kids So there's something else they got it in Common Hard worker smart The disagreements don't seem so Far-fetched anymore does it if you will Where you can say you know what There's a bad past yes there is and Let's be honest A lot of clubs are living off of their Past Bad times back then But it could change yes some people Don't even know why everybody's fighting The third thing they have in common Number three And it's not only them that have this in Common It's everybody The feds don't like them the feds are Out there to get them Meaning they want you to fight They want you to commit crimes They don't care if it's an individual Doing it No that individual represents you Everybody's doing it Look at our Steve Cook man the guy who Over you know he goes wax off every time He sees a camera Pushing the crap that he pushes They want you to do that And I use the analogy

Yesterday About How to Syndicate outfit whatever the Organized crime underworld whatever you Want to call it They seen or saw when there was violence Business wasn't good there was cops all Over them Now with that thing going in Georgia and Texas cops are on hiding alert come on You know every Deputy dog that just got Out of freaking Police Academy Is trying to make their freaking bones With somebody And that's just being honest Hell They give classes on motorcycle clubs or Motorcycle gangs as they say in the Police academy So every one of the major clubs have That in common So why give it to them that's what I Don't understand Why not say to one of your people They get into some stupid stuff say Selling this or shooting this That We're Not Gonna help you You are on your own You did it you deal with it We want nothing to do with that And everybody's gonna say well you know That's kind of Hardcore well yes it Needs to be hardcore Because if you have a schmuck that goes

Out there and sells a bunch of Crank And especially ain't giving a freaking Proceeds back to any of the club Yeah he's on his own Because if he was a true brother Why did he bring the cops to your door Leaders of the major clubs Rico Why should you be held responsible For somebody that is doing some stupid Stuff 500 miles away from you You shouldn't be responsible but they're Gonna try to Rico you To get their money for their budget and Of course the next stepping stone in Their political career That's why I believe next week's gonna Be very important because you got to Know the laws of what can happen here or If our law enforcement was involved with Other countries with what's going there Australia ain't the only one you got Germany now Denmark others that are saying nope it's Illegal you can't have it we're gonna Take everything you got You have one case going on right now That's probably gonna hit the Supreme Court And that is the patch case with the Mongols and you got to admit something Like that brought everybody together But they're trying to take that Trademark

You can be next Hell they recalled an entire club and Nobody got you know you got arrested or Any of that kind of stuff Nobody went to jail no a civil RICO case And trust me there are laws Out there by the way You can take the case of the uh Anti-Defamation League against say the Ku Klux Klan No not the Google exam but the Aryan Nation it happened to Where they sued him and took everything They had Because somebody killed somebody That can happen to you And why Because some idiot goes out there and Does something stupid and it reflects on The entire Club Many people say It can't be done They'll never come together I call bullshit Because bikers are smart the leaders of These clubs are smart They're not no okie doke out in the Freaking Backwoods They know what they're doing And they know That if something can't come under Control That something won't go right where Everybody you know what you don't have

To sit there and take showers to the wee Hours of the morning with each other No You stay there we'll stay there We don't need to mix Something as little as that And it would be up to the leaders keep Their guys under control I'm just saying but that's what we're Gonna start next week We're gonna dive into some laws and yes I'll have Biker News mixed in there but I feel like This is really the news don't you This is one of them tipping points where You're on a plateau and you're teetering At the top and you don't want to fall Down Because at the bottom of that Hill is The damn cops the feds And everything That we're supposed to stand against Let me know what you think in uh the Comment section below can it happen I Believe it can I do I believe it can It just takes somebody to step forward To do it We'll talk to you on Monday we're going To be talking about that on the first Half of the show Australia's bikey laws rock on join the Insane throttle members only club on YouTube or Spotify and receive exclusive Content Monday through Friday at 9 20

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