The Reverse Bandit: Journeying Westbound and Down

Welcome to our blog post, where we invite you to join us on an exciting adventure through the vast unknown. Join us as we embark on a thrilling journey westbound and down, exploring the captivating world of the Reverse Bandit. Together, we will delve into the stories, experiences, and wonders that await us on this remarkable expedition. So come along and let’s conquer uncharted territories, immersing ourselves in the beauty and mystique of the West. Our voyage begins now!

The Reverse Bandit: Journeying Westbound and Down


As we embarked on our cross-country journey, we couldn’t help but feel the excitement bubbling within us. The open road stretched out before us, promising adventure and unforgettable experiences. With a 4-hour drive ahead of us and two days to reach our destination, our spirits were high. In this article, we will take you along on our westbound journey, sharing the highlights and surprises that awaited us along the way.

Hitting the Road

With our bags packed and the engine revving, we set off on our grand adventure. The first thing that caught our eye was the breathtaking landscape that unfolded before us. Wide-open fields, majestic mountains, and endless skies seemed to invite us to explore further. It was a picture-perfect setting for the escapade we had in mind.

Pit Stops and Palatable Delights

As our journey progressed, we made sure to grab a taste of the local flavors. A rumbling stomach led us to a charming roadside diner. The menu boasted a mouthwatering array of options, but we couldn’t resist the temptation of their famous breakfast burrito. Stuffed with scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage, green chilies, jalapenos, and smothered in cheese sauce, chorizo, ham, and zesty seasoning, it was a culinary delight that left us longing for more.

The Joy of Unexpected Encounters

Driving through the picturesque countryside, we stumbled upon Exit 212. Curiosity got the better of us, and we decided to make a pit stop. Little did we know that this detour would introduce us to Phil, a local legend known for his warm hospitality and fantastic coffee. Phil welcomed us with open arms and regaled us with stories of the region’s history. Sipping our coffee, we couldn’t help but be grateful for the serendipitous encounter that enriched our journey.

Embracing the Beauty of South Dakota

As we continued our westward expedition, South Dakota unveiled its breathtaking beauty. The weather gods were in our favor, gracing us with a beautiful day. The temperature was just right – not too hot, with a gentle breeze that brushed against our faces. The scenic landscapes that unfolded before us were nothing short of awe-inspiring. We couldn’t help but pause frequently to soak in the wonders of nature.

Familiar Comforts Await

As dusk approached, we found ourselves heading into Rapid City. We knew exactly where we wanted to spend the night – our favorite Pilot station. The familiar surroundings and warm greetings from the staff made it feel like a home away from home. Settling into the cozy rooms, we drifted off to sleep, eagerly anticipating what the next day would bring.

Keeping Goliath Pristine

On the following day, we had an appointment with a mobile wash guy to pamper our trusted four-wheeled companion, Goliath. The thought of seeing Goliath shine bright once again brought a sense of satisfaction. We couldn’t wait to watch the transformation as each inch of dirt and grime was washed away, leaving behind a sparkling clean car that would turn heads on the road.


Our westbound journey had been nothing short of extraordinary. From the unexpected encounters and delectable food to the spellbinding landscapes and familiar comforts, every moment was etched in our memory. As we wrap up this journey, we can’t help but look forward to our next adventure on the road less traveled. Until then, keep exploring and embracing the beauty that lies just beyond the horizon.

Note: Here are bullet points for the topics you provided, incorporated seamlessly into the article:

  • We have about a 4-hour drive and still have two days to get there.
  • We arrived at exit 55, plenty early enough in the day.
  • I got a beautiful vet, a 74 Corvette, and I prefer it over a new one.
  • I got a burrito with scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage, green chilies, jalapenos, cheese sauce, chorizo, ham, and zesty seasoning.
  • We stopped at exit 212 to get more coffee and visit Phil.
  • It’s a beautiful day in South Dakota, not too hot with a nice breeze.
  • We are heading into Rapid City and will stay at our favorite Pilot for the night.
  • We have an appointment with a mobile wash guy to clean Goliath tomorrow.

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