The Truth About Daytona Bike Week

So I did a test item Which is a never released Uh calendar photo YouTube’s gonna [Music] We wanted to take a minute to thank our Friends at the if You’re ever in an accident in Iowa or Minnesota make sure to call and ride the Recovery road with the biker lawyers hey Y’all I’m Meg and this is Meg’s Motorcycle Journey if you are new to This channel it is a motovlog that Follows me on my two-wheel Journey Cameraman Michael comes along with me And sometimes we have some other folks With us if you haven’t already it would Mean so much to Michael and I if you Would go ahead and subscribe so you can Continue to follow us on our journey This video is in response To many many inquiries about a meet and Greet at Daytona Hi guys So We Have had so many people asking us if we Were going to Daytona Bike Week Actually y’all we have a lot of folks That reach out to us frequently and ask Us if we’re going to different bike Events and we would absolutely love to Be able to go to all of the bike events It’s just really difficult because we

Don’t do motovlogging full-time this is Our side gig although trust me it’s our Favorite job oh definitely Um so we would love to be able to go to Every Bike Week to every bike event but It’s just not a reality for us right now And some of you that have been watching Our channel for a while know that we are Planning on riding cross country this Summer which we are incredibly excited For we plan to stop in as many states as We can Um Yes a couple of them and invite you all To ride along with us Right very few people some people have Met us In Circus we’re also going to try to Stop in Sturgis for one day so we’ll Keep you guys posted on that But the truth about Daytona is that we Weren’t able to go this year And we’ve been we have and if you have Never seen our Daytona videos it is Definitely worth watching the one we’re Waiting to ride down the A1A to Key West To Key West so uh if you are following Along then which was a long time ago Um not a long time ago it was two years Ago it seems like a long time though Yeah it was when we first started the Channel we’ve come a long way definitely Our editing everything has come a long Way so

Um If you want some entertainment the Episode from Daytona two years ago where We ride from Daytona to Key West is one Of my favorite videos we’ve ever done That being said We thought it would be fun since it’s Coming into Bike Week season for us to Rank and rate and give you the pros and Cons of all the bike weeks that we have Been doing So over the course of the last two years Which what Daytona was the first bike Week we ever went to right so Um although Michael’s been riding like All of his life and he has had a Harley He got his first Harley in 2016. Um he didn’t go to a lot of bike weeks And I got my sporty in Oh 19 the uh fall like September of uh 19. Um and then the first bike we we went to Was like a year and a half later I had My bike yeah so we went Um In March of 2021. Anyway so the list of bike weeks that We’ve been to we’ve been to Daytona that Same year we went to Myrtle We have been to Ocean City for two years We’ve been to Gettysburg for two years We went to Yeah but before that we went to East Coast Sturgis East Coast starters

Um we have videos on like every single One of these bike weeks so if you’ve Never watched them go ahead and so I’m Gonna actually create a playlist for our Channel that has all the Bike Week Videos in it Then last year we went to Laconia and Sturgis So Starting from our least favorite to most Favorite just go ahead and say Well I I kind of think that East coaster just Was our least favorite No the ride there was good that’s true The riding there was good but it’s There’s not there’s not really anywhere To stay so unless you’re a camper and we Heard although we did not experience That it is a wild time yeah at the Campground we didn’t stay at the Campground I would say that that is and There’s not a lot of vendors and it’s Not a very basically in the middle of a Field right yeah so I don’t know that Was probably it’s set up for parties Right yeah it’s it’s not a traditional Bike week how about that there you go I Would say my next Favorite was Daytona yeah do you think I I me personally I put Daytona at the Bottom so don’t hate us guys especially You Florida people that like That

I know we’re gonna get so much hate for This Daytona is just not our favorite There I’ll tell you why Mike and I are not there to drink most Of the time and if I was that would be The spot to be right right so we are not Big Drinkers and big Partiers we go to Bike week to ride and I know y’all in Florida love your warm Weather and your beaches be right year Round and that is cool But Michael and I are our favorite thing To ride in the mountains and the curves Um we like the twisties we like the Scenery of the mountains neither of us Are the type of people that are just big Beach people right so There’s not a lot of great riding in Daytona and yes we’ve ridden the West Coast we went to train with Jerry Palladino twice uh provide like a pro I’m gonna link him in the description Because he’s awesome and if you’re in The Florida area or if you go to Daytona You should make the Trek across to the Other side of Florida to train with Jerry well well worth it Um and we did ride down the coast Um the West Coast Last winter we rode around the west of Florida oh yes yeah yeah Um and that was cool right I mean it was fine There’s no twisties or mountains and

That’s our favorite so If you go to party or if you want to go For bike upgrades So the um the Daytona Speedway had so Many options for test riding bikes so I Would say those were probably the Highlights those are the pros right and The the Harley dealer in Daytona is huge Right and there was a lot of great Things like that so if that is why You’re going to bike week then I think Daytona is great it’s also a great place If if you like to party and you’re there For the party scene absolutely but it’s Our not our favorite not mine okay Followed by that our next favorite I’m Gonna say Myrtle above Gettysburg As our least favorite from bottom to Town yeah well Because you can ride myself in Gettysburg oh that’s my point right so I Think Myrtle so and also let me tell you Me and Michael used to go to Myrtle as Teenagers to the beach and we had a lot Of fun there Um but it was sort of the same feeling As Daytona I think it wasn’t as bad but Right right so it’s there’s not a lot of Really Scenic beautiful riding it’s more About the parties about the party the People and I do feel like there’s a lot Of venues there though There’s a lot of them but they were like Mostly at bars yeah

I don’t know it was I I guess I just Liked it a little better than Daytona But I didn’t look I liked it was closer That’s true it wasn’t such a long way Down it’s warm because it’s made it’s Warmer and it’s in South Carolina so That’s kind of nice but Also not our favorite because the Writing isn’t great So followed by that Are you gonna go with Ocean City or Gettysburg I feel like Asian city has to be nice it Has to be nice again So we grew up in Maryland Ocean City is In Maryland we’ve been to Ocean City a Million times we went there for Mike’s Senior weekend bye senior week and we Went there for vacations our whole life We continue to go there so for us the Coolest aspect of Ocean City or Delmarva Bike week they call it is that it is Um for us and we have a lot of folks That we know and know us and a lot of Our crew comes out and like we were able To see Kid Rock which was cool so like The concert uh venue down on the pier is Really cool uh I think the convention Center every year does a nice job it’s Clean it’s a big open space Um so I would say that part of it I like But again it’s Wonder Road you can ride The strip which is cool and it’s fun but There’s not a lot of cool cops are

Insane there’s a lot of police at the Event Um there’s a beach right there which is Um Uh yes but I mean that’s in Daytona too All right the beaches right there I just Feel like it’s easier accessible I would Agree with that the venues in Ocean City Well Daytona the main strip is right There right but like in Ocean City the Venues are all along together so if you Wanted to go that is kind of nice it’s Also good for upgrades I don’t think It’s as great good for test rides like Daytona and Myrtle there was more Opportunities to test ride I think which Was cool if that’s very much bigger That’s true All right I’m gonna go with after that Gettysburg Gettysburg so close to home There’s Rolling Hills around there Some people are battle you know Civil War Buffs you know yes so I will say We’ve done a video on Gettysburg like Riding through the battlefield not the Bike Week the battlefield ride and we Actually ride in the Gettysburg area a Lot because we enjoy it because it is Beautiful riding and there are a lot of Curves and it is mountainous and for us We really like that yeah so an hour away From home right true and the Uh Harley dealer up there is a venue it Is

Muddy so the the Um there’s like two main venues in Gettysburg there’s like the Harley Dealer and then there’s the like sports And activity yeah like concert venue I Think gm1 does that jam on Productions I Think Um We’ve worked with folks there before Because they’re oh I will say this thank You because you’ve been very generous to Us in Gettysburg and you always work With us and get us the space Um and you know uh the Harley dealer is Like a pretty wide open space that you Can walk around and there’s some other Pretty cool like downtown Gettysburg There there’s other things to see other Than just bike week right so You know we like that and there’s Writing so even though it’s not as big Of a bike week with not as much stuff I Like that about it yeah Okay after that okay Right I mean only yeah I mean we love Lucas I love the killing You like we for me to face Laconia is so Much closer than Sturgis it’s we can get To laconian for us a day but I mean the Riding Right I’d give it the second best and on the East Coast the writing if you’re an East Coaster you can get there in a

Reasonable amount of time That was the point for you in Florida There was no helmet laws but then I got Sunburn in my head well that is true It’s clean the White Mountains Are Beautiful to ride we rode the Kangamangus highway we it wasn’t as big Of a like a drunken scene I feel like it Was not as much of a party scene there Was still partying of course to be had If that’s your thing I still did my Party but you can also watch out of the Day right right so that’s nice And then the ultimate Bike Week like it Was so here’s the thing I did not get What the big deal about Sturgis was Until we went yeah I’ve been there and I Still don’t get it all because we you Can’t do it all in one week right so we Were the writing was awesome and Rude The Badlands we rode Needles Highway Devil’s Tower Devil’s Tower we rode Um we’re forgetting some Spearfish Cannon Um it’s all beautiful riding Twisty the Sights are amazing I love Um it’s big right because they’re Sturgis over there’s dead wood and like You can go to all the different areas The Harley dealer the Black Hills Harley Dealers huge so much stuff you can test Ride in surges we got tattoos and Sturgis you can do that anywhere but There’s a lot of places there to do it

Um Just it was breathtaking scenery so it’s Everything that you could get in Daytona Test rides and the party scene but also Like amazing writing yeah once you do it You You gotta do it yeah there’s so many People I know I haven’t done it and I Just wish I could be like hair get on a Go yes So I’m just here to say that you know I I think that if if I got to choose I Would My First Source would be Sturgis Gettysburg Uh Ocean City Myrtle and then They turn up East Coast Journal Just this video is in response to like a Hundred or two hundred or three hundred Requests to meet us in Daytona and it’s Our apology and explanation why and the Truth about how we feel about titano I’m Sorry guys Okay a couple more things couple more Announcements Um so we are trying very hard to find Someone who is A Merch specialist we are looking for a Merch specialist because we want to do Non-traditional merch So we did this one test item because a Lot of people have said do you do you Have bigger boosters you have Wall

Hangings I want something from my garage Or my man cave so I did a test Item Which is a never released uh calendar Photo YouTube’s gonna not let us do this okay Calendar photo there you go of Michael’s Bike and me all right Um so anyway we Would like to sell things like that we Have some other ideas we want to sell Hats um but like customized colors so if You are somebody that is in this Industry and knows how to help us get From idea to production to sale we’re Looking for help so please email us at Megsmotorcyclejourney We do not have any more calendars I Probably have 30 requests I don’t know If we’re going to order more but right Now we have no plans to order more so Next year get your order in earlier Sorry guys if you’re in Daytona have a Blast if you’re a Floridian that loves Daytona Bike Week don’t hate us we still Love you we just have different opinions And um we will be also putting out Sunday video this week because we’re Trying to switch our days to Sunday Thanks guys [Music] Welcome [Music] Foreign


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