Foreign [Music] [Music] What's up everyone howdy guys girls Doing it's gonna be a good one today Hollywood is going to get straight with You or as Danny delos would say Juan Honored and I think the reason why I'm Doing this is because of the story that I'm about to show A woman comes out from the Patriot Guard Riders and tries to speak for everyone Not a good thing with Hollywood okay not A good thing here First I have to make a correction to the Story uh as far as this incident between The thug Riders and the outcasts the Outcasts did not lose anybody the ones That we featured on the video or segment Yesterday Was from the thug Riders so we want to Make sure we put that correction out so There's no confusion over that now what Am I talking about here what am I Talking about when it comes to this Woman and you're gonna see the video of Her talking I'm sorry to say and I'm gonna upset Some women here Why are you even speaking Seriously why are you even speaking A lot of things have really changed in This scene and one of those things is a Woman who wants to put her input in when

It really doesn't matter to anybody And how did it get this way well it got This way because you know weak men they Wouldn't put their women in check and Next thing you know they're out there Running their mouth about something that They shouldn't be running their mouth About Straight up 100 percent nobody cares What you have to say I'm sorry to be that way but she came Off as condescending In this article She did she just came out pure Condescending And also coming up we're gonna be uh Learning I guess the charges in that Oklahoma shootout thing have been Changed now instead of murder it's going Down to two counts of manslaughter seems Like there's a lot of movement in that Case as well but first sad State of Affairs man said State of Affairs Maya's Motorcycle Awareness Month Personally I think that drivers and Driver ed should spend a lot of time About what to look for as far as Motorcycles are concerned But even worse this was a firefighter Who was working on his bike taking it Out at night time probably checking out The repairs that he did And he was rear-ended by a drunk driver Oh

Drunk drivers worthless people Worthless worthless people So anyway it ends up that he had a Spinal cord injury And he might not be able to walk again Let's take a look sad State of Affairs And the next story we're bringing you is A reminder of why it is so important to Drive responsibly a Cleveland Firefighter is now fighting for his life At Metro Health police say he was hit While riding his motorcycle by an Alleged drunk driver now news 5's Jesse Schultz spoke to his mother about how Her son is doing and her message for Everyone on the roads Claudette Cole calls her son 44 year old Gotti Cole a hero you call him he's Coming And he's always there to rescue he's Always there to take care and he is Personally as the Hands-On dad to a 12 Year old daughter and professionally as A 23-year veteran of the Cleveland fire Department he worked really hard to be a Captain and a part-time firefighter in The village of Oakwood Nothing Stops him And I mean Nothing Stops this kid but Friday evening gaudy was the one who Needed rescuing I want one what is the Address to emergency the truck hit a Motorcycle you need an ambulance the man Is not moving that day he had been Working on his bike fixing it up for the

Summer it was unusual for him to be out On the motorcycle especially at night Around 11 p.m on his way home Gotti's Motorcycle was hit from behind near Forbes Road and 271. Claudette says she Got the news from his fellow Firefighters who were on the scene a Semicol got he's been in an accident and We're taking him to Metro he suffered a Brain bleed and a spinal Court injury First thing I did was touch his feet Feel me touching your feet He said and I just had a Sinking Feeling She said Might not walk again here the guy for The last 20 something odd years was out There helping everybody else and then a Moron feels like he don't have to give Somebody their keys gets in the car After being drunk and rear ends him Wow and then you have to ask yourself What kind of charges are they gonna face Because Most of the time it's a slap on the hand Sad State of Affairs if you ask me I Hope and Pray that he'll be able to walk again But them spinal injuries are Wow wow guy helping everybody all his Life and this is what happens to him Talking about not fair right there Talking about not fair Second half of the show by the way we're Going to be discussing with China Doll

Coming up about how sex is not free no Matter what it's not free not even from Your own wife or your girlfriend uh We're gonna go into this second part Right here with this woman who's got Hollywood all upset and also about the Charges that Are now being faced out of this Oklahoma Thing the eye and law enforcement Agencies up and down the East Coast are On high alert with Bike Week happening Right now in Myrtle Beach another one Happening at the end of the month at South Atlantic Beach in South Carolina As Hallie Turner reports the sheriff Says the threat of retaliation is real The groups may be mobilizing to come to Augusta we started coordinating with Other law enforcement agencies and that Threat isn't just here it's all along The coast as bike weeks rev up we are up Staffing more than normal by slight Increase based upon last year's numbers Bike Week participants arrest stats and Cost of service but underneath the ink Dark leather long beards and Loud bikes One member says not all bikers are on The same Mission everybody thinking that Every motorcycle that they see going Through Kroger parking lot isn't part of A game because that's just not the way It goes aiming to give back to a Community not create harm the biker Community in general is phenomenal

They're giving back they're doing Everything that they can Sharon Taylor Has been a part of the Patriot Guard Riders since 2011. first ride with them Was what they consider a happy Mission And we were actually bringing soldiers Home from the airport we went to the Airport we rolled out a white a red Carpet but when bad apples leave 150 Shell casings in in their wake she says The stigma shifts it's a strong line When we say a motorcycle club for people Not to think a motorcycle gang she's Just hoping the shootout doesn't Overshadow the good so many bikers are Trying to accomplish here at home in Augusta Holly Turner suspects in a Deadly shooting at a Metro Bar three People were killed during the shootout Between biker gangs at the whiskey Barrel Saloon back in April Tyler Myers Was arrested for first degree murder but Now faces two charges of first-degree Manslaughter gang-related offenses as Well and possession of a firearm where Liquor is served Oh there we go let's just missed the Beat there anyway there is the story as Far as the charges on the one guy down In Oklahoma but See how condescending that was And yes I've always said that women have Their place within the scene but it's Still a Man scene I don't care what

Company tries to push on you that hey Man this is all about us we're all Inclusive this is a man's world So don't talk on something when you're a Female you know what it's wonder why all This MC stuff uh got heated in the past Few decades and most of the time you to Track it back to a woman's mouth it's Like you have to sit there and you Wonder why some of these so-called men Sit there and let them get stupid Now you know it looks like she's Speaking on behalf of the Patriot Writers and I'm sure the Patriot writers Don't want her speaking on their behalf Unbelievable stuff unbelievable stuff And this e there they are with uh what This Ambush and that's what I call it The cops are all over this now FBI Everybody is all over this because now They consider it a mass shooting and as You can see they're talking about Targeting rallies up in the security and All that stuff but You got to think about that stuff you Got to but uh what you need to think About is shutting your women up Sometimes anyway we're gonna go to the Second half of the show with China Doll Again as I said is sex really free It's gonna be very interesting you can Also listen to it over on live right there On the radio we'll be right back join

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