Thunder Beach Bikeweek 2023!! Sad Saturday in Panama City

Thunder Beach Bikeweek 2023!! Sad Saturday in Panama City


Today was supposed to be our busiest day of the rally. As the organizers of Thunder Beach Bikeweek 2023 in Panama City, we had been eagerly awaiting this day for months. However, it turned out to be a rather disappointing Saturday for us. We missed our sales goal by a significant margin, and the day didn’t go as planned. Let us take you through our experience and share our thoughts on this sad Saturday.

The Slow Start:

The morning started slow, with a lower turnout than anticipated. We had prepared ourselves for a flood of enthusiastic bikers, eager to explore the thrilling events and activities we had lined up for them. Unfortunately, the initial hours didn’t meet our expectations. The atmosphere lacked the usual energy and excitement that Thunder Beach Bikeweek is known for.

Sales Down by 45%:

As the day progressed, it became painfully clear that our sales were not picking up as we had hoped. The numbers were down by around 45% compared to last year. This was a significant blow for us, as Thunder Beach Bikeweek has always been a profitable venture. We couldn’t help but wonder what went wrong this time.

Analyzing the Situation:

With disappointment weighing heavy on our hearts, we decided to delve deeper into the reasons behind this slump in attendance and sales. Upon reflection, we identified a few possible factors that may have contributed to the underwhelming turnout.

  1. Lack of Promotion:

We realized that we hadn’t done enough to create buzz and spread the word about Thunder Beach Bikeweek 2023. While we have various YouTube links and social media channels, we failed to maximize their potential in generating interest and attracting bikers. Our website,, and our Amazon store could have been utilized more effectively to showcase the event and encourage participation.

  1. Competing Events:

We discovered that there were other motorcycle rallies happening in the region on the same weekend. This split the biker community’s attention and made it difficult for us to capture their interest. It was a missed opportunity on our part to schedule the event on a less crowded weekend.

  1. Uncertain Times:

The past couple of years have been challenging for everyone, with the ongoing pandemic disrupting plans and affecting people’s willingness to attend large gatherings. It is possible that this uncertainty played a role in the lower turnout. However, we had taken the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable event, adhering to all the guidelines and protocols outlined by the authorities.

Looking Ahead:

Although our experience on this sad Saturday was disheartening, we remain optimistic about the future of Thunder Beach Bikeweek. We have a schedule of upcoming bike rallies for 2023, and we are already brainstorming ways to make them even more exciting and appealing.


The Thunder Beach Bikeweek 2023 turned out to be a saddening experience for us on this particular Saturday. The slow start, coupled with the disappointment of missing our sales goal by a significant margin, made it a challenging day. Nevertheless, we have analyzed the situation and identified areas of improvement for future events. We are determined to bounce back stronger and create an unforgettable experience for the biking community. So, stay tuned for the upcoming rallies and join us as we rev up the excitement!

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