Tips for Short Riders and Female Riders

How To Find A Good Harley Salesman That Cares About You

If you have actually ever been to a Harley Davidson car dealership and spoken to a sales person you may have felt they don’t appear to care if you buy a bike from them. They seem to have this perspective of “if you don’t acquire a bike from me, the following man will certainly”. This post will show you how to find the sales person that truly does care and also wishes to make certain that you’re well looked after.

Keeping Your Kawasaki Motorcycle Maintenance Costs Down in 5 Easy Steps

Among the most essential things that you can do to maintain you Kawasaki bike going for maximum efficiency is to perform regular maintenance. Here are 5 steps you can do now to guarantee that your Kawasaki Bike runs in addition to the initial day you got it.

How to Maintain Your Leather Motorcycle Accessories

Bike accessories made from natural leather ought to be provided the exact same attention as that of a cashmere sweater or silk textile. These can be very sensitive once revealed to rough aspects such as weather condition, strong chemicals and more. Such incident might lead to color fading and also natural leather fractures. Here are some pointers from motorcycle specialists on how to keep your motorbike accessories made from leather.

Home Run – Moto GP Round 16

The story of MotoGP up until now this season has actually been the success of Casey Stoner and also his Marlboro Ducati team. This year he has taken 9 triumphes, 3 platforms and also, most notably, the desired world championship title, all with two rounds of racing left to go. In truth, he has actually never completed outside the leading six in any race this season. This amazing consistency has actually rejected Valentino Rossi a champion title for the second year straight, as Stoner sealed the title after a difficult wet and dry Round 15 at Motegi.

Cars Moving To Three Wheels

Although there have been major changes to the cars and truck over the last few decades, consisting of power steering, micro-chips, and also the speed, the basic format has always stayed the very same. 4 wheels and an engine. But that may be transforming as a brand-new version appears.

KX-RM 65 Suspension Tuning and Modifications

In this post I will quickly familiarize you with the original tools (o.e.) Kawasaki/Suzuki 65cc suspension design, tuning ideas, and also modifications. As a suspension receiver and also motocross enthusiast I have observed a great deal of conversation over o.e. KX/RM65 suspension. There are various message boards loaded with unclear suspension modifications and also specifications for this bike.

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