Ultimate Blend of Style and Beauty: Custom Bike Show and Swimsuit Contest at OB’s Restaurant

Ultimate Blend of Style and Beauty: Custom Bike Show and Swimsuit Contest at OB’s Restaurant


When it comes to an exhilarating blend of style and beauty, look no further than the annual Custom Bike Show and Swimsuit Contest hosted at OB’s in Deland, Florida. Established in 1985, OB’s has been a landmark for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking a taste of adventure and camaraderie under the Florida sun. This year, the rainy afternoon did nothing to dampen our spirits as we witnessed the roaring engines, stunning designs, and vibrant energy that filled the legendary biker bar.

Revving Up the Excitement

As custom bikes rolled out to OB’s, the air buzzed with anticipation. From sleek choppers to rugged rat bikes, each ride was a masterpiece in its own right. The competition was fierce, with contestants like Paige, Hailey, and Nikki showcasing their rides with pride. The sound of engines reverberated through the air, setting the stage for a showdown of style and creativity.

The Thrill of the Competition

With categories ranging from Best in Show to Crowd Favorite, the Custom Bike Show was a display of individuality and craftsmanship. The judges had their work cut out for them as they inspected each bike, taking note of every detail from chromed-out accents to intricate paint designs. As the winners were announced, cheers and applause filled the air, creating a symphony of celebration for the talented riders.

The Bikini Contest

But the excitement didn’t stop there. Alongside the Custom Bike Show, OB’s hosted a Bikini Contest that added an extra layer of allure to the event. Participants sashayed down the runway, showcasing confidence and style in equal measure. The crowd was treated to a visual feast of beauty and charisma as contestants vied for the top spots.

And the Winners Are…

In a dazzling display of talent, Paige, Hailey, and Nikki emerged victorious, claiming the top three spots in the Bikini Contest. Their poise, grace, and flair captured the hearts of the audience, earning them well-deserved recognition. As they stood on the winner’s podium, smiles beaming, it was evident that they were true embodiments of style and beauty.

Celebration and Camaraderie

As the sun set on OB’s, participants and spectators alike basked in the glow of a successful event. Winners proudly displayed their trophies, their accomplishments shining as brightly as the chrome on their bikes. Cash prizes were awarded, adding an extra gleam to the evening’s festivities. Live music filled the air, setting the stage for a night of revelry and merriment.


In essence, OB’s event was more than just a showcase of talent and creativity; it was a celebration of passion, craftsmanship, and the vibrant spirit of the biking community. From custom bikes that pushed the boundaries of design to contestants who exuded confidence and charm, the Custom Bike Show and Swimsuit Contest at OB’s truly epitomized the ultimate blend of style and beauty. So next year, when the engines roar once again and the crowds gather in eager anticipation, we’ll be there, ready to witness the magic unfold before our eyes.

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