Washington Square Park 4.20

We’re here live at 4 20 monkey Square Park do you smoke weed not really oh no I don’t no yeah would you ever try it no I don’t want to try it you don’t want to Try it yeah yeah you do yeah no oh it’s Hot no you don’t want to try it yeah do You want to try mushrooms no it’s is he Legal for me oh okay so where you’re From you’re not allowed to do that it’s China China in China they’re not allowed To openly smoke marijuana yeah they get Banned in China of course And I said hello in the U.S The first year do you like it here yeah Of course yeah yeah what’s your favorite State in the U.S Uh Uh I don’t want to try Texas Oh no All right thank you Josh thank you okay [Music] I love you my man I love you we love you Head to head [Music] What’s going on so you having a good 420 Yeah I’m enjoying it my first time here It’s not my first time here but I’m Enjoying it yeah there’s a lot of people Here yeah the sun’s so bright and Beautiful look at this time with me I Know it’s crazy You’re listening what do you saying [Music] All right thank you God bless you you

Too [Music] Happy 4 20. We’re having a great time here at Washington Square Park what do you say I love it loving it happy 420. what’s Your name Matthias Matthias are you Stone yeah Yeah okay happy 420. Thank you [Music] [Music] Thank you How’s it going great how are you man Good how are you fantastic what do you Think happy 420. thank you happy 420. Sorry sir sorry about that where’d he go Where’d that guy go [Music] I’m sorry [Music] All right thank you see you later [Music] Help help

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