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Watch For Motorcycles! | People Don’t Pay Attention | No More COVID?

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The amount of cars on the road today that were driving aggresivly is insane! If you ride, watch out it’s spring! And if you don’t ride, WATCH FOR US!

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| Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/awkward_biker/

| GEAR |
Helmet- SHOEI RF-1400
Camera- GoPro Hero 9
Jacket- Dainese Air Frame D1
Pants- Dainese Drake Air Textile
Gloves- Dainese MIG C2
Boots- Dainese Dyno Pro D1

Honda Bikes

Honda Bike, the two-wheeler department of the Honda Motor Company, began its manufacturing in 1955. Presently the largest motorbike manufacturer in Japan, in India, Honda Bike is the 2nd biggest two-wheeler maker.

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