Celebrating Laconia’s 100th Motorcycle Rally at Bentley’s in Arundel, Maine

The Laconia Motorcycle rally, known as the longest-running motorcycle rally in the country, has become a legendary event that draws riders from far and wide. This year marked its 100th anniversary, and celebrations were in full swing at Bentley’s in Arundel, Maine. In this review, we will delve into the vibrant atmosphere, thrilling contests, and unforgettable moments that made Laconia’s centennial rally at Bentley’s an experience to remember.

Heading 1: Embracing Bike Week with Open Arms
The locals in New Hampshire have embraced Bike Week with open arms for decades. Year after year, they welcome bikers with warmth and enthusiasm, creating an atmosphere that truly adds to the rally’s appeal. From small towns to big cities, the entire state is transformed into a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts during this iconic event.

Heading 2: Naswa Resort’s Bikini Contest Sponsored by Budweiser
One of the highlights of Laconia’s 100th Motorcycle Rally was the much-anticipated bikini contest held at Naswa Resort, sponsored by Budweiser. With stunning contestants showcasing their confidence and beauty, the event drew a massive crowd. The combination of the scenic lakeside venue, energetic music, and the exhilarating competition made it an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Heading 3: Weirs Beach Boardwalk and Tower Hill Saloon – A Perfect Pair
Weirs Beach Boardwalk and the nearby Tower Hill Saloon have always been popular attractions during the Laconia Motorcycle Rally. The boardwalk offers a picturesque setting for people-watching, bike spotting, and enjoying mouthwatering street food. Tower Hill Saloon, on the other hand, becomes a lively hub where riders gather to share stories, enjoy live music, and indulge in delicious drinks and local cuisine.

Heading 4: Iron Tails’ Intense Burnout Contest
Iron Tails in Maine, a short ride away from Bentley’s, hosted an adrenaline-pumping burnout contest that left attendees in awe. Riders pushed their limits, creating clouds of smoke and showcasing their skills in controlling their bikes during this intense competition. The sight of tires and rims being put through their paces was both mesmerizing and exhilarating.

Heading 5: Bentley’s and Miss Bentleys Pin Up Model Contest
Renowned for its annual Miss Bentleys Pin up model contest, Bentley’s in Arundel, Maine, was the perfect host for Laconia’s centennial rally. The event exuded nostalgia and glamour, as participants dressed in vintage attire, complete with classic motorcycles as props. The combination of beauty, style, and a love for motorcycles made this contest a standout event that paid homage to the rally’s rich history.

Heading 6: High Octane – The Ultimate Destination for Bike Enthusiasts
High Octane, a renowned venue for bike enthusiasts, offered a plethora of activities during Laconia’s 100th Motorcycle Rally. Bike building competitions, bike shows, contests, and live music filled the atmosphere with excitement and energy. Enthusiasts could engage in friendly banter, compare custom designs, and marvel at the breathtaking motorcycles on display.

Heading 7: Gun Stock Ski Resort’s Thrilling Moto Hill Climb
Gun Stock Ski Resort hosted an annual Moto Hill climb that provided the perfect backdrop for adrenaline junkies. Riders displayed their bravery and skill as they tackled treacherous terrain in a quest for victory. The action-packed event drew cheers from the crowd, creating an electric atmosphere that encapsulated the spirit of the rally.

Heading 8: East Coastin’s Daredevil Stunt Shows
East Coastin, benefiting from perfect weather during our visit, put on three heart-stopping stunt shows a day during the Laconia Motorcycle Rally. Skilled riders defied gravity, performing daring tricks and awe-inspiring jumps that left spectators in awe. The gasps and cheers of the crowd added to the thrill, making each show a moment to remember.

Celebrating Laconia’s 100th Motorcycle Rally at Bentley’s in Arundel, Maine was truly an experience of a lifetime. From the warm embrace of the locals to the thrilling contests and iconic venues, the rally showcased the very best of motorcycle culture. Whether it was the bikini contest at Naswa Resort or the intense burnout competition at Iron Tails, attendees were treated to a week filled with exhilaration, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories. Laconia’s centennial rally proved once again why it continues to attract riders from all corners of the country year after year.

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