Epic Panama City Thunder Beach Rally

Foreign Hello ladies Foreign Thank you The dude in jeans Slingshot PCB Makes some noise Cora is the Thunder Beach virgin I don't know Are you with them No but I just made good friends with Them they gave me a free t-shirt they're My people next time right here is one of My originals one of the first ones Man I hope you guys enjoy it hey guys We're chatting This is our third time compared to the Title of this Thunder Beach 89 days Third time is the best for tomorrow Her greatest absence is her natural Auburn's hair It's natural All right Foreign Now do they ever have like a calendar or Anything like that at Twin Peaks Actually no I'm gonna tell If they found her back in 2018 We're stopping down my water real quick Yeah For me Thank you My name is Jesse I'm with Ultrabandusa.com what we do is we sell

Therapeutic racists all around the Country today we're at the biker rally Here in Panama City Beach beautiful day I'm about to do my demonstration on my Bike on my uh braces on on Ricky all Right Ricky do me a big favor put both Feet together toes pointed towards me Arms out just like this okay here's my Bracelet put it in your hand give it a Good grip arms back up same thing leg up Now watch this One last time now you don't have my Bracelet in your hand no more right and One last time put pick it back up watch This two figures Come on over ultra bass it's 2004 rated Top one in the nation all right come on Over what happened you may become Because of showing this shirt yeah And I'll see you guys Foreign What's wrong Because the show is probably she loves Being here where she can compete with All of these gorgeous We're the greatest outfit is her alcohol Tolerance Are the trikes faster than the bikes Because I have more traction for the Bikes faster just because they're Lighter Wow strike is quicker because of the Traction that's what I was expecting Yeah

So the bike would be faster top end but The trike would get there quicker so What in a quarter mile which one do you Think would the trike the bike runs 945 All right This moment is graduating from MSU Been following you on your channel well Thank you I appreciate that things uh Look like they're doing pretty good yeah Thank you I appreciate it we're gonna See you at Sturgis again absolutely I Hope so at the Harley-Davidson yeah well Teddy face black comes Venture Park it's Next to the Harley I am what's your next Rally after this week or straight to Myrtle Myrtle Beach yeah All right we'll see you there right now There yeah I've never heard of a nicotine Toothpicks Here like until two hours ago but Um they actually have caffeinated too Thick toothpicks and nicotine Just trying to help Correct The Addictive cabinets To help those Angels angel Of Anarchy on Instagram okay now you Have a Snapchat as well I do angel of Anarchy with an underscore in between Angel and a manager same with my Instagram okay you know we'll definitely Check you out Thank you

Foreign Thank you baby Two minutes Children Hello everyone Can you hear nothing all right Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign Thank you Foreign Thank you Cheers everybody What is it like 11 o'clock in the Morning Good morning Thank you