Honda CRF 300L – Is it Good for Traveling?

Hello to everyone I have been asked a Number of times what is my opinion about The new Honda CRF 300 Rally or normal Version like this motorcycle is it Possible to travel around the world with This model and until this moment I Haven’t got the chance even to see it I Tested 250 maybe two years ago a few Years ago but not the last modification 300 and in this video now I’m gonna tell You everything I’m gonna ride it on the Road on the twisty Road straight roads a Little bit of dirt roads nothing major But just to have an idea what motorcycle It is so if you have nothing to do grab Your favorite drink and stay with me 120 vibrations are just a minimum Suspension handles everything very well [Music] Thank you I fell down [Music] [Applause] [Music] Welcome back first things first I would Like to say a huge thank you for ismo to Provide this motorcycle in my country Bulgaria to be able to test it in any Kind of terrains and provide this Information for you thank you very much My pleasure all right without further Ado let’s start with the review as usual I’ll start with ergonomics as you know I Am 185 a little above six foot and I

Wait over 100 kilograms and you can see Immediately that this motorcycle is not Exactly made for me but it is possible To be read and also keep in mind that This motorcycle is not with the stock Suspension it has already rally rate Upgrade suspension I’m gonna tell you More about it later but for now I want To show you just how it switched to Someone with my size so the seat is 88 Centimeters and even that it is not Designed for me when I sit on it I have Basically relaxable and comfortable Position without any adjust smells Without any handlebar Extinction or Anything I feel good on it and I’m gonna Try it of course and will tell you more When I read it but so far I feel good on It just to clarify something because This motorcycle got rally rate Suspension it has a little differences The original suspension travel of this Honda CRF is around 260 millimeters but because of the Vision that ismov got this one got now 210 millimeters a little bit shorter but If you order a option rally rate Suspension version 2 you will have the The full amount of travel suspension Which was 250 60 millimeters anyway I Want to say this difference because it Is important some people might get mad Why I explain something that I do not Understand it is the same situation on

The rear but what is smooth it is to Change the whole shock absorber now he Has a different shock absorber not the Stock one which provides a better Feeling when you write on the dirt roads But as I said we’re gonna discuss this Later let me now give you some boring Numbers but they are important for many Of you so the total weight of this model Is 142 kilograms fully loaded with Petrol oils and everything the rally Version is 12 kilograms more I think was 152 or something like that and this Makes it probably the lightest Motorcycle in this category I couldn’t Remember how much was BMW 310 and KTM 390 but I think they were around 160 Kilograms so this is basically the Lighter in this category the engine Delivers 27 horsepower and the torque is 26.54 or something like that and it has A little bit better Power and torque than the version 250. I Told you that ismo already upgrade the Forks but the outside it’s exactly the Same 43 millimeters upside down forks it Has only one brake rotor 265 millimeters Or something like that and 220 on the Back it has 21 inch front wheel and 18 On the back which is the perfect Combination if you want to use some Off-road tires the stock ground Clearance is 28 centimeters now with a Level one that we’ve got we’ve got a

Four centimeters lower but because the Suspension now is much stiffer it’s Basically more or less the same so I Don’t think that these two three or four Centimeters that many people focus are So important when you decided to write On or off-road you can see by yourself That the build quality is very good It does not look like a cheap Chinese Motorcycle it is Honda And I cannot say any bad words about it The colors are pretty nice I like the Combination between the gold and red and This blue just give a little bit Nuance That I I really love it has this flat Seat of course Is more modified it with this 3D mesh Which is very useful But the overall design I like it colors Build quality This is very important pay attention Important sticker they give it from Honda for everyone who buy it Don’t mind these white spots they are From too much Washings From the Reactive chemical materials Of course the rally version Has a different design with a big firing Here but it comes with a price and a Little bit of weight you can see the Dashboard is pretty simple even though It has this digital display it’s very

Simple I’ll show you the the speed the Mileage RPMs petrol and gear shift But anyway I don’t think that you need More than that I really like this cable Here it gives you the impression that You’re on a dirt bike Of course it does not come with a Service handguards they are made from Ismo the visibility in the mirrors is Very very good even though they are Small they’re still good as I said the Position riding position is very Comfortable for me it has switchable ABS But only on the rear wheel on the front It stay all the time and if you want to Switch it off you have to do it Electronically by cut some wires or Something like that the suspension the Original stock suspension has only one Spring in one of the forks but The vision that he got from rally raid Now I’ve got two different Springs but Only one cartridge I might make some Mistakes here so please forgive me that It has only compression and the rebound Is just whatever it comes I like the Build quality of the Instruments see big buttons Hazard lights so big Nice quality really nice quality As I said it does not look like cheap Chinese machine The petrol cup it’s a little weird I Told that that got the most ugly cup but

This Honda beats it moving to the tail I Think it’s all nice design I really like It This feature is very interesting this is Actually a toolbox and it’s very useful Because you have to keep your tools Somewhere and here is the perfect spot And they are on the low position The chain guard is plastic the Food Packs got a rubber Paddings on the top he remove it because Of better control but in common as you Can see beautiful design Beautifully made with the idea to be Reading on and off-road this is one of The things that I would like to see on Every motorcycle possibility to check Your antifreeze level immediately Because I have seen some motorcycle put The extension cooling reservoirs on such A weird places that you cannot even find It like KTM for example but this one is Visible very similar as my itinerary There’s only one radiator here on the Right hand side and it’s already got This guard which is good the tripod Clamp looked solid black color Protection here yeah everything looked Very very good missing brake levers rear And front And has linkage Which is big difference Most of the KTM motorcycle does not have It and everyone who rides off-road could

Tell you the difference it has this High Fender I told you many times that I don’t like It it does not suit well on big Adventure motorcycles but on this model It’s just much perfectly and it gives You the impression that it is a real Off-road motorcycle let’s finally start The engine Muffler [Music] Does not sound very impressive but this Is only 300 cc motorcycle All right enough talks let’s go to Reddit Lighter I feel that like a Like a bicycle compared to my itinerary And it sounds like a bee A standing position is uh not really Comfortable for me now I’ll need bar risers at least For seating position is fine standing Not really Interested Let’s now go to find some Normal roads Suspension provides is plush nice It is very windy today I hope that you’ll be able to Hear my voice My clutch is so light like a hydraulic Pump Exactly like a toy

So far I love it Believe it or not but I cannot stop Smiling If I can adjust this motorcycle for my Weight To my height It will be such a pleasure to ride it My legs are not bad at all Gear shifts work so well And because the glitch is so light as I Told you Man real pleasure enjoy 27 horsepower Be Not when you’re right on the highways But on the roads like this Yeah you have to play with the gears a Little bit more change gears here and There but what this is part of the game [Music] Ah nice Wonderful And it’s full even on fifth and sixth Gear let me put six gear with 60 Kilometers per hour twist the throttle Uphill And it works Miracle Cannot make this even with KTM stalled Models but this one works with a small Engine Well done Honda well done All right let’s now see what will be if I have to ride it on Open roads like

This 90 kilometers per hour with 5000 RPMs from 12 000 possible Let’s now see Sixth gear 60 kilometers per hour Okay 60. boosting the total Other than 20 downhill I think that the sweet spot is going to Be 18 90 something like that It’s not that you cannot ride it more You can but it will be too stressful for The engine 80 90 It’s enough Even with my itinerary when I travel I Don’t ride faster than 110 But to make Maneuvers with this Motorcycle man such a pleasure Make also this lightweight [Music] I think I got the right moment As Before Sunset I’ve got this beautiful Light [Music] Okay let’s see can I can I overtake with This motorcycle Big column Brakes are actually very good Pressed Don’t judge me I know that is not right Here to overtake but there is no one on This road

So no problem to overtake the traffic if You need to Love the bee Help you Full Throttle 115 That’s it yeah I can definitely feel the Lack of power but this is 300 CC On the roads like that it is normal to Feel the lack of power But the pleasure man I still got the Smile on my face Very good brakes I love it so far [Music] It’s fast enough From 100 kilometers breaks Modestly impressed from the morality Rate suspension upgrade I don’t know What will be the difference with the Stock but this one is Good actually even for my weight Vibrations are just a minimum and the Suspension handles everything very well My stock generator with the stock Springs was completely different story But here Maybe because of the upgrades yeah fair Enough As I said on the roof like this You won’t feel lack of power Uphill this gear 80 kilometers per hour Normal All right it became clear that on the

Normal roads even on the state roads With a normal speed you’ll be all right But what about the roads became a little Bit Uglier like this one bumpy Yeah I can tell you definitely that the Riding position is not really Comfortable for me at the moment Because I’m Just Too Tall but with uh Wire risers I think that It is going to be enough Anyway I’m gonna try it now The holiday I checked one road here Let me see if I can go on it now It was this yeah Small bumps like this Absolutely no problem A 50 kilometers per hour And the suspension works really well it Might be a little bit of windy but I have to open my visor otherwise it Will be foggy I did not even turn off the ABS but it’s Not necessary on this Terrain I fell down That’s nice I love it I love it [Music] It’s just the riding position that it’s Not exactly for me but even on a little Bit bigger bumps like here Still works well I don’t want to hit any of these big Rocks [Music]

And damage wheels or something like that So let’s get out of here [Music] Where was the road Exactly here ah all right I got it Ah good good good As I said where the proper riding Position it will be our pleasure Pleasure To write this b or wasp maybe wasp the Small wasp Because the riding position is not for Me now I have to Use more power in my hands instead of Grabbing the motorcycle with my knees But it is what it is it’s not for me Anyway Did it go with 50 60 on such a terrains Without any problems But Mom I love it Reacts actually very good even with the ABS on it Well when I sit now on the itinerary After the series I feel it like a tongue So heavy When you ride it for a while you get Used to and it’s all right I feel it Well but one after another whoa big Difference big difference So much easy to write this light wasp is The nickname that I have created Yes the dinner is way better it’s just For someone with my weight and and my Size

But uh also the power of the itinerary Is way too much for the rolls like this My rear always spin Ah let me go to the camp And uh Finally completes the review and tell You my opinion Also Ismo will share a lot of useful Information my final conclusion will I Buy this motorcycle to travel around the World no I won’t because it is just not Made for me it has only 8 liters on the In the petrol tank and 8 liters is way Less than I will need the rally version I think got 20 liters I might make a Mistake I don’t know yet but I really Enjoyed riding it Switching this motorcycle from this to To my channel was wow very very Difficult as I told you but I really Enjoyed everything it has enough power To travel on the Villa shots secondary Roads yes on the highways it will lack The power it is obvious but for anything Else it’s fantastic machine so if your Guy with 170 175 you’re a short guy you Don’t have any other options the tenure Is going to be too high for you this Might be the perfect perfect solution For many people I’m impressed on the Build quality I’m impressed from the Capabilities of this motorcycle I can See only positive things honestly and

The price was I saw the price was Something like 6 500 euros maybe even Dollars in America yeah that’s Everything that I can tell you now but My cameraman ismo got a lot of Information so now we’re gonna switch Our positions I will be a cameraman and He will tell you what is his experience With this model thank you once again for This great opportunity for the Drone Footage for everything the chance to Ride this beautiful smile worst plus I Said I really enjoyed please tell me Briefly what is your experience with With the model why you decided to go for This how much it cost you what is up What is with maintenance and just Briefly what is your experience with the Model Well as some of you may know if they Watch my channel I already own the t7 And uh I was looking for a friend for The t7 basically that I could use in the Winter time in Finland and for me the Tenora is a little bit too heavy to go Winter time riding in the Finnish Forest So this Honda suits the bill perfectly I Can lift this up with one arm and I can Take these two places I would never dare To take the 10 array so this for me is a Perfect bike for that and of course the KTM the race bikes would be perfect for It as well but they require a little bit More maintenance and a little bit more

More stuff with the engine and with the Money to buy it and money to buy it They’re way more expensive and for me And my talent this little Honda is Pretty much perfect I don’t need any More power off-roading this will spin The wheel at the first Gears and go as Fast as I need if you needed to go so This was a nice choice and affordable Choice as well all right thank you very Much and one more question how you feel After you’ve done the conversion with The rally rate suspension yeah I I wrote The first thousand kilometers with the Bike with the stock suspension and it’s It’s capable you can do a lot of things With the stock suspension But when I’m doing a lot of speed a Little bit higher speed off-road the Stock suspension was a little scary it Was a jumpy especially the rear so I Went with the rally rate to make the Bike a little bit more stable at speed And uh it’s a lot more fun to ride now Uh I cannot say the difference because Now I only felt this suspension but it Really impressed me all right thank you Once again for all the info and the last Thing that I would like to show is your One is that possible sure you can show It yeah this is something that I would Like to make when I when I’m tired from Riding motorcycles it’s not gonna come Soon but on some stage it will so ismo

Basically converts this one To his Travel home And on the back he keeps this beautiful Small Honda But this is only teaser I’m not gonna Tell you anymore he’s going to tell you Everything in his channel he promised That he’s going to make a detailed tour Around the van and everything that you Have done promised yes I’m gonna try to Make it in under a month that’s my Promise so it’s gonna be there in under A month maybe even a week but you Promised too many people yeah I’m Promising too much maybe one month okay Thank you I will watch these videos as Well because I really want to steal some Ideas for the features thank you very Much for watching guys see you next time Ciao [Music]

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