Miss Thunder Beach Pageant 2023

[ __ ] you up Right so why don't you teach here or I Need you to apply if you're ready to see 13 gorgeous ladies in bikini give me a Hell yeah [Applause] Go ahead and start over here number one From right around the corner here's the Noise for Shelby [Applause] [Music] The three words that best describe Shelby are sexy sexy Dude [Music] [Applause] Perfect guy Nice Beer She wants to win the title in this Summer beach into the spring and fall Rally are your favorite two weeks of the Year Dollars Ladies and gentlemen from Jets around The corner makes the noise [Applause] Ladies and Gentlemen let's hear it for Stage [Applause] Words that best describe her horse gas Class and a whole lot of hands [Applause] Moment

Today's the nursing program where she Works hard to do her registered or Nursing degree [Music] Is six inches oh [ __ ] sorry I mean 16. Sorry [Music] She wants to represent this Thunder Beach because it's the biggest and Baddest rally of the town To number two Sage [Applause] [Music] Next step to the stage Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] She's been writing now for over three Years [Music] [Applause] [Music] Because she's a badass microbeam and she Will represent Ladies and gentlemen Free thanks Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] What she looks for is a perfect guy she Prefers and professional [Music]

S And she wants to be in this side of me Because if we are proud of honest Her ladies and gentlemen fantastic Number four Brittany [Applause] To this stage fantastic Oh yeah [Applause] Yeah Bold and Sassy Moment is making miles comes towards Getting her get this Cool engineering and chemistry degree Oh I'm sorry And she's Smarter perfect guy is somebody who's Tall Has tattoos [Music] [Applause] [Music] Number five Step to the stage contestant number six For watching [Applause] Three words that best describe are smart Ears Is working with a body hanger that she Was able to see first on Netflix and Tour their country Her perfect guy has humor adventure and BBE It stands for big dick

Energy [Applause] All right From Pensacola Florida Foreign [Applause] And sexy We're proudest moment is moving to Hawaii She wants to be misunder Beach because She wants to represent Panama City Beach Next step to this cage from Washington DC contestant number eight Alexandria Thank you Continue To the USA Her perfect guy is so I'm smart and as a Handyman 's going on she can't think of a better Reason but to represent one of the best Areas in town the ladies and gentlemen Contestant number eight Alexandria [Applause] Excuse me Three words concert [Music] He listens to her and a man who tells Her that she is in fact pretty Rihanna [Applause] You're doing you're doing the Lord's Work how would you happen to the rest of It if you got a shot cheers

Alex [Applause] Who were the best describer or add Chicken Marley [Music] Moment is winning the national Jiu Jitsu Tournament she would really beat your Ass I'm not like Is someone who knows that she's always Right oh She wants to represent this summer beach Because this is our first rally and she Wants it to be a memorable job ladies And gentlemen from Fort Myers Florida From Cascade number team right Alex All the way from Pittsburgh PA Kentucky number 11. Oh My God oh my God the three words that Best describe her Are serious daddy issues [Applause] I know her proudest moment is purchasing Goodness in common a 40-foot toy hauler Across country by her cells [Applause] Credit score [Applause] Whoa [Applause] Okay Ladies and gentlemen from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania [Applause]

Mom ENT Is goodness graduating from college to Next week [Applause] What she's looking for I'm a perfect guy Is someone who can make her laugh Personality and it has tattoos Because she loves the bikes and the Fives to match Ladies and gentlemen fantastic number 12. Tamaya It was just certainly not least Condensing number 13 from Pensacola Florida Jazzy [Applause] Three words that best described Jazzy Are winners never quit Her proudest moment Is leaving her ex-boyfriend Um But she looks more than a perfect guy It's still one of them knows what They're doing and can take her on a ride On their back Southern Beach because she believes she Is the perfect representation of the Wild and beautiful city of PCB during Water park's favorite weeks of the years To come on stage Order so that the judges doomed two Three Six Seven eight

Nine Eleven S 12 13. Foreign [Music] [Applause] Okay Um They don't deserve all day Just out of curiosity On the count of three I need you to yell For your favorite contestant one two Three [Applause] All right ladies if you don't want do me A favor and exit carefully stage left Ladies and gentlemen or rather was we Are 13 contestants [Applause] Warriors Scores From your third place second place first Place [Applause] All right hey who do you guys think's Gonna win I think Deja and Faith are tied right Now Throughout this time Lady Jay you can go ahead and put that Music for me at this time I'm going to Bring back your top form in no Particular order

Contestant number eight Alexandria [Applause] Fantastic for two stage [Applause] Contestant number eleven Deja [Applause] All right Oh my God Contestants number Hey Alexandria [Applause] [Applause] Your second name [Applause] Contest ants Number [Applause] Foreign [Applause] Turn up And you're a winner and it will be my Proud songs Ladies and gentlemen [Applause] Contestant number eleven Nation [Applause] Ladies It is my contractual obligation to say The following message But for some reason We're the first runner-up Is contestant Number two Sage [Applause]

Challenge Aware we're gonna title [Applause] Hey Vacation [Applause] [Applause] Number eleven Come on [Applause] [Applause] Foreign